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Ambriel: I mean, we have a lot in common. She even said that Sam was as close to a seasoned witch as anyone else in the team. Rowena assures her that is not the case and tells her how much she and Crowley loathe each other. Following his failure to kill Crowley, Sam tries to threaten Rowena into helping with bullets filled with witch-killing brew. Lucifer snaps his fingers and they are all in the cage. After Dean is knocked unconscious and Noah is killed by Jack, Rowena returns with everyone to the Bunker, where she learns that Jack is using his soul to keep himself alive. The trio pile into the Impala and track Castiel down using his phone's GPS. Crowley is able to look past Rowena's deceit, but defends his actions for letting her manipulate him because he's been going soft. Because Rowena won't leave her alone, and even tries to talk her into witchcraft, Charlie tells Castiel that she has to leave for two hours, or even one, just to get away from Rowena. The Grand Coven were critical of Rowena having a child with a "non-magic", but they were willing to overlook this because of the great talent she possessed. So, fix it. Dean volunteers for that job. He opens one and exclaims "Mum, mum, I got a Sam!" Having been asked to come by Dean in 15.01 Back and to the Future, Rowena arrives and Sam asks if she can build a crystal to catch the ghosts, similar to the one used in the Soul Bomb. He then walks over to Crowley and says "Let’s talk.". Immediately after he exits the room, she pulls out a hex bag from under his throne. She says that Lucifer came to her in a dream, and that when he defeats the Darkness he will retake his throne with Rowena by his side. Rowena eggs him on, telling him if she is dead, there will be no one to remove the curse from Castiel. He is … Rowena helps the Winchesters and Castiel search for Gabriel by using a tracking spell to narrow down his location. But why have the devil when you can have a God? Castiel attacks Lucifer with the angel blade while Dean tends to Sam. After using the book's power to remove the Mark of Cain, her powers are super charged by the book's influence. The Winchesters often called on her help with magic, and Rowena assisted when she saw a benefit for herself. Lucifer grabs Dean around the throat and pushes him up against the bars of the cage. Among Rowena's journals, Sam finds a resurrection spell Rowena had been creating to bring Mary Winchester back, one that Sam realizes can be used to bring back Eileen. Outside, they all look towards the sun which begins shining bright once again, as Rowena and Crowley exclaim that Dean "did it.". Sam congratulates Rowena for holding the rift open long enough to get everyone back. Rowena, wearing reindeer antlers and a blinking red nose, says to Lucifer/Santa, "I’ve been having this dream for months but you, you’re new.". Team Free Will uses her collection of spells and magical items in the fight against God. With everyone regrouped, Crowley declares the team-up a "trainwreck" and over. Before Rowena became a witch she was a peasant and the daughter of a tanner in Canisbay, who had an affair with a man above her social class. She states that she believes it was her fault that he turned out the way he did. Rowena agrees to help, on the condition that Sam kill Crowley for her. Rowena is happy to see Oskar despite her protests of loving no one and is horrified that she will have to kill him. Meanwhile, Crowley and Gerald discuss their histories with their respective mothers. However, Castiel soon reveals himself to actually be Lucifer, who had gained consent from Castiel before Rowena finished the spell. Directed by J. Miller Tobin. Sam declines and hangs up. A sinister figure slaughtered Mary Winchester before the opening credits, and by the end of the episode, another individual near and dear to Sam met a similar grisly fate. Rowena and Castiel soon enter from the other side and she catches a few spirits with her crystal while others escape. She succeeds in removing the Mark but unwittingly releases the Darkness at the same time. Rowena is then filled in on Amara being God's sister, and is shocked at learning the truth, as back her day people would be burned at the stake for merely suggesting God had a sister. Rowena says "only me" and Lucifer snaps her neck. Rowena retorts that she isn't one witch and attacks again, this time with the pooled power of Clea and three other witches, which sends Amara to the ground. Crowley later captures Olivette and brings her before Rowena as a gift, much to her joy. When Crowley asks Rowena where she's been this whole time, she tells Crowley that, like him, she has been in hiding from Lucifer. While Castiel and Jules are searching for a way to save Lora from an aging hex, Cas contacts Rowena, who suggests a reversal spell. As such, Rowena would most certainly Bend Fire. She says that it's a nightmare she can't wake up from. Sam and Dean follow the trail of an Anti-Claus when victims are apparently pulled up the chimney never to be seen again. Dean explains that he wanted to kill Rowena, but he barely even touched her, sparing her to save the people she hexed. Although at first it appears that Jack has been saved, he quickly begins deteriorating once more, collapsing to the floor. When Belphegor suggests a plan to call all of Hell's souls back with Lilith's Crook, Rowena states that she can close the rupture using the Sanetur Acre Vulnus, a healing spell of her own creation. Sam is desperate and demands to know why she is stalling but Rowena denies this, saying that removing the Mark of Cain would ensure her life. As she starts to construct the device, Ketch arrives. As the page begins to glow, Rowena takes a dagger and makes a cut down her throat, which begins to release purple energy that reveals itself as binding magic adorned all over her body. Lucifer vacates from Rooney. Dean finds it coincidental that Rowena would show up just as he gave the book to the Plum sisters; Rowena tells him it's no coincidence as she had placed a tracking spell on the book before she handed it over to Sam and Dean, and once it began moving, she was able to sense its location. When Lucifer asks him for last words, Castiel asks "Can you really beat her?" To prepare, she draws sigils and symbols in blood on her body, and seeks the aid of a demon subordinate to triangulate the location of the Men of Letters Bunker. When Dean refuses to take Rowena along to retrieve the book, she casts her immobilization spell that freezes Sam and Dean where they stand. Castiel tries to kill her with his angel blade but is easily overwhelmed. Rowena is an extremely powerful natural-born witch, originally from Scotland in the 17th century (or possibly earlier). Both brothers express hope that Rowena can be redeemed and that they can help her change her fate. Once Lucifer is summoned, Rowena quickly hides behind a corner, panicked, and remains there even after Lucifer gets free. Rowena tells him that she, his mother, is the best person to crush his heart before departing to catch her bus, leaving Crowley to grieve for his son's death. He tells Rowena no matter what she does, she is always going to feel helpless and those feelings are never going away. In Boca Raton, Rowena is enraged when she discovers that her latest fiancé has run a background check on her and has been lying and using her. When Crowley calls him by name, Castiel, with an odd smirk on his face, says "Guess again" and there is a flashback to when Lucifer is beating him in the cage. Her son Fergus Roderick MacLeod, would father Gavin MacLeod and go on to become known as the demon Crowley. Following Sam's capture, Rowena locates the Impala and uses it to reach the Loughlin house. Sam tells her that he has also seen Lucifer's true face, and it still keeps him up at night. Rowena explains that there are three types of witch: Borrowers, which harness the power of a demon, the Naturals, those who are born with the gift of magic, and the Students, who learn from a Grand Coven-approved mentor. Dean scoffs at the idea of letting Rowena get stronger, but Rowena tells him she just wants to protect herself. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. In fact, he tends to only lose his temper when his personal safety is threatened or when dealing with what he considers overwhelming stupidity. She talks about how the demons fear her and despite the things she misses in being alive, she absolves Sam for killing her, assuring him that dying was one of the best things that happened to her. Lucifer breaks free of his bonds and strangles Rowena up against a wall, stating that she has revitalized his purpose with her revelation about Jack. As Rowena mocks him, in utter surprise, all Crowley can say is "...Mother?". In the cage, Lucifer is trying to get Sam to say "yes" to being his vessel. Lucifer says that this is the moment where everything changed for Sam. Keep reading. As Rowena continues to refuse, Clea points out that they have a chance to fight and win, rather than escape, telling Rowena and Sam she can enlist other witches to help in the fight. Meanwhile Sam tells Dean that they can’t win and Dean says "We don’t have to, we only have to last a few minutes," giving Rowena time to finish the spell. Rowena: Please, Fergus. She says she has a job for him and puts her hand to his chest, and he disappears in a flash of bright light. Rowena begins her plan to kill the Winchesters. While Crowley and Rowena are about to have tea, Crowley excuses himself, but unbeknownst to him Rowena slips a hex bag in his pocket, allowing her to eavesdrop on his conversation with Dean Winchester. Knowing that her decoding the Book of the Damned is pivotal to their plan, she wants to know would be in it for her; which Crowley agrees to call off his assassins, until the next time she crosses him. He’s wearing a onesie with feet. As the three fight with demons, they are shocked when Rowena interrupts them. After some studying, Rowena finds the spell necessary to communicate with Lucifer without opening the Cage, and along with Sam and Crowley journeys to Hell to perform the spell. on a metal wall. Rowena soon tracks the grimoire to Stillwater, Oklahoma, but due to it no longer being in movement she can only surmise the general vicinity of the book within the town. When the Winchesters and Castiel return to Hell in search of Michael, they discover that Rowena's soul took up the empty position of Queen of Hell. She reveals this fact to Crowley when he returns to her. ... What starts with a memorable nightmare — Crowley on Christmas morning — ends when Crowley and Rowena help the … Lucifer answers "yes" and Castiel says "then yes" and the bright light appears. Rowena tells Elle and Catlin that it is probably the hotel manager coming to find out why she hasn't paid the bill, and that he would be practice for them. Once her son Fergus was born in 1661, the man abandoned the two and went back to his rich wife and her grand house. With the device constructed, Rowena enters the neighborhood to meet with Sam and Dean. As the healing sessions continue, Amara asks Rowena why she is helping her, as she doesn't detect the capacity for concern or kindness within Rowena. Rowena was initially antagonistic towards the Winchesters as she saw Crowley's relationship with them as diminishing his power. With Lucifer's grace, Rowena is able to open the rift properly and she stays behind to guard Lucifer in case something goes wrong. Gavin was Crowley's son from his time as a human. Gerald places a demon, Trish, in Crowley's dungeon next to Rowena. However, she is forced to go through with it and casts the spell to remove the Mark. Hell is the most well-fleshed-out dimension, other than Earth, in the show's world, Rowena remains a fan-favorite character and demons one of its most fascinating monster types. Santa Claus kicks in the door and wishes everyone a Merry Christmas. Rowena brings him back to reality where he sits at his throne, staring blankly into space. With Lucifer gone, Rowena begins packing her things to flee even though she knows she is the Winchesters' only hope of keeping the rift open for their return. Sam worries that Lucifer might be right, about being the only way to defeat the Darkness, but Dean shrugs him off, saying that having both Lucifer and the Darkness on earth would be "a nightmare". Supernatural’s pilot quickly established a shocking and steadfast rule: Absolutely nobody is safe from the Grim Reaper. The two clink glasses before Sam moves away. Rowena packs and leaves her son's palace. However, they also need someone close to the edge to serve as a carrier for the spell, someone who will carry it and toss it into the rupture when the time is right. With the help of Eileen, Sam finds Rowena's magical stash, including journals of her spellwork throughout her life, and he becomes emotional at the reminder of his dead friend. Castiel summons Crowley, who brings them the ingredients and Oskar. As he takes off the collar and leans in to kiss her he asks if anyone else can open the cage. This has previously also been seen with. Rowena warns that they must time it perfectly and wonders how they will know when to start if Belphegor is in Hell when everything goes down. Our names rhyme, that's a big one. As Crowley's mother, Rowena spends much of Season 10 and 11 doing favors for Lucifer, who repays her by killing her twice, the second time by burning her body. Rowena participates in the planning for defeating Lucifer but is skeptical about the idea of using the British Men of Letters' Hyperbolic Pulse Generator to eject Lucifer out of President Jefferson Rooney. When Crowley enters, Rowena tells him Guthrie is plotting against him. Crowley is in his onesie, opening his presents on Christmas night. Sam says it is too dangerous, however, so Castiel moves Rowena to another room, and chains her there. When Rowena threatens Sam, Clea senses Sam's aura is under potent protection and says she should hear him out. While Rowena begins formulating her plan of attack with Crowley, he is called away by Dean Winchester seeking the First Blade to kill Cain. Supernatural “The Devil In the Details” ... Christmas morning. He then ties up Rowena inside a cabin in the woods. As Crowley questions why the warding failed, Rowena simply tells him to follow her, and leads him away. Dean asks Sam if he is ok and he replies "not even a little bit". Rowena is contacted by the Winchesters for help but she ignores their pleas and goes about killing people who had heinous pasts, while also killing the Reapers assigned to them. Castiel attacks Lucifer and pulls him off Dean. Rowena, now having abandoned Amara, joins the Winchesters in an abandoned church where they plan on summoning Lucifer to eject him from Castiel's vessel and send him back to the Cage. Amara makes a veiled threat about how she can repay Rowena, which prompts her to attack Amara with a spell. Rowena is killed twice by Lucifer -- first in 11.10 The Devil in the Details and later in 12.23 All Along the Watchtower -- but each time resurrected herself by use of a resurrection charm. She tells them how she compelled an angel to kill her son, the King of Hell. Crowley is the first to reach her, by interrupting her date with a man named Ben. Come on. Amara stands up and deflects the magic back at Rowena, knocking her down and sending blowback to Clea and the other witches, killing them. Dean and Castiel discover that the gorgon Noah cannot see angels in his visions. The Winchesters and Castiel use a spell from one of Rowena's Spellbooks to enter Hell in search of Michael. Lucifer: Hahaha, Dean? With everyone in agreement, Rowena is taken to the Bunker, where she is given Nadya's Codex and Charlie's code breaker. Rowena instead chooses to transform her into a hamster. Synopsis Rowena is having a dream in which Crowley is an overgrown kid dressed in footie pajamas searching under a Christmas tree for his presents. But one witch tells her she made a deal with Crowley only the day before and declares Rowena "delusional as ever." Sam calls Rowena when he finds the location of the Codex and she provides him information on an easy-to-obtain enchantment that can counter the effects of the Werther Box it is in, but she warns Sam that the Cabirian Invocation has a way of fizzling out in inexperienced hands and offers to come help. Rowena is not intimidated as Sam needs her to crack the Book of the Damned and to cast the spell. In Chuck's weakened state he is in no position to help. The group is able to use Kelly Kline and Lucifer's unborn child to lure him to their motel where Sam use the generator to remove him from his vessel. Telling Mick Jagger he had no future when I dumped him. Rowena looks up in awe as Jack spreads his wings. As Crowley tries to flee, Lucifer flings him to the wall and approaches Rowena. As she is telling him that loving him would make her weak, Castiel comes back. He explains that the charm can only be used once before it needs to be recharged, hence his crusade for Rowena. Olivette reveals she excommunicated Rowena for being too dangerous with magic and that the Grand Coven has already been devastated and weakened due to the Men of Letters, who confiscated all their accumulated spells and potions and placed them in warded bunkers around the world. Rowena is having a dream in which Crowley is an overgrown kid dressed in footie pajamas searching under a Christmas tree for his presents. To her surprise, Crowley ignores her and tells her she deserved what she got for going up against Dean. Rowena continues to protest, prompting Clea to pick up her tarot deck, which shows the sun card, telling Rowena there is a chance. Rowena explains that following her death, she was able to seize control of Hell for herself and has now become the new Queen of Hell. Dean explains that Rowena is not his family as she only cares about what he can do for her whereas a real family cares about you unconditionally, as Bobby taught him. When Guthrie returns with the First Blade, he refuses to give it to Rowena, so she kills him. They offer Castiel a ride but he declines. Sam agrees and Rowena determines the ingredients needed for the spell which includes her sacrificing the person she loves most. High quality Crowley Supernatural gifts and merchandise. Pressing a hand to Sam’s head he brings them through various memories in Sam’s life, starting with Sam kissing a girl over homework in high school. While Rowena is left worried, she insists Sam keep trying. I don't have many regrets, but the few I do still haunt me. She tells Castiel to call her when the time comes. Rowena tells Sam that she can't do it herself and it has to be him. Everyone around her watched as she imprisoned the damned souls into her body and fell through the fissure into Hell as it closed. The trio return to the Men of Letters Bunker, where Rowena explains that Lucifer did kill her, but she was saved once again by her resurrection charm.

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