when do baby finches eat on their own

How to Make Moving Homes Easier on Your Pet Bird, How to Setup Your Space For Backyard Birds. Yeah I'm not sure how old they are but they have all complete feathers and are about as big as their parents! Can I feed my bird or small animal a product formulated for a different bird or small animal? This way, if he wants the food, it right next to him and he will have to make the effort to get it. I have a male and female zebra finch. Dark green, scant droppings may indicate a lack of food in the digestive tract. They must have liked their new surroundings as they did build and so did their offspring and so and so on. It might be tricky to get your finches to eat the pellets at first, though it is usually a little easier for hand raised young birds. You may have to separate the babies and feed them yourself. To evaluate weaning status, gently check the baby bird’s crop for food particles as evidence of consumption. My zebra finches successfully bred two little guys. My pair had babies. exact® Adolescent, exact® Conversion & Weaning or other exact® Original or Rainbow Daily Diets have unique shapes, which stimulate the baby's natural curiosity and tactile (touch) receptors in the mouth. Just keep feeding them whatvu been feeding the boiled eggs with shell crush together and pellets are good they will feed it to the babies. The mother and father look stressed and are searching around the house for food, or are they? Sometimes they eat it and some times they don't. The next day there was one in the water dish which is on the opposite side of the cage. Maybe the parents will check it out. When the baby moves to one hand feeding per day, hand feed only at night so the baby has all day to investigate its new food. Talk to your local bird store about selling or trading them for seed and supplies. These are archives of older discussions. If you don't want to create a flock, advertise and sell or give some away. How do I convert my bird from a seed based diet to a processed food like Kaytee exact or Kaytee exact Rainbow? I also don't want them to suffocate the babies with the old stringy cotton. Baby finches should receive adequate food from their parents. How do I tell if they are mated with another one and is there a way to tell if they have young if you can not see in their nest? Might be worth a try. I can see it moving in the nest and I can hear it's attempt at "trumpeting". Keep offering it with their regular food, and they will eventually try it. When they have babies I also have put in a dish of baby food mixed with baby rice cereal. This started about 1 1/2 years ago and I now have about 20 birds. The baby that I can see has full feathers even tail feathers. I never had the problem you do but i would not mess with the birds or babies. Arbutus Manzanita trees or fruit branches are OK. Swings, toys, food dishes only, prevents breeding. Don't do that. Did they just ignore it or was there not one in the cage? When the babies are fully hatched out if their shell, can I clean the food dish and make it cleaner? Offer exact by hand to encourage trial. The only reason a person recommends moving the birds from one cage to another is when a female is added to the cage. Food Supplements: Do Finches Need Them? My cage doesnt have a nest. Or should I just leave it alone. I believe I have three baby zebra finches! If not, there's nothing you can do, really. Please find the following chart with approximate weaning ages. Hope this helps somewhat with your problem. Search online or look through wildlife books to find out the bird’s natural diet, or ask your veterinarian if you’re still not sure. Can I feed my bird a product formulated for a different bird?

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