what is stereographic projection

That is, the image of a circle on the sphere is a circle in the plane and the angle between two lines on the sphere is the same as the angle between their images in the plane. The central projection of 3-space from a point N to a plane onto a plane F (not through N) is defined as follows: For any point P of 3-space, construct the line NE. A projection that preserves angles is called a conformal projection. The data is plotted on a stereonet as great circles and points (Wulff and Schmidt nets). Stereographic projection is used in geology to decipher the complexities of deformed rock by looking at the relationships between planes and linear structures; their bearings (trends) and angular relationships one with the other. Stereographic projection is about representing planar and linear features in a two-dimensional diagram. stereographic projection is an essential tool in the fields of structural geology and geotechnics, which allows three-dimensional orientation data to be represented and manipulated. The orientation of a plane is represented by imagining the plane to pass through the centre of a sphere (Fig. This is an outline of the basic construction for stereographic projection and a statement of some basic properties. Other articles where Stereographic projection is discussed: map: Map projections: …the Earth’s surface, it is stereographic; if from space, it is called orthographic. The Purpose of the Stereographic Projection in Crystallography The stereographic projection is a projection of points from the surface of a sphere on to its equatorial plane. Near-sided perspective projection, which simulates the view from space at a finite distance and therefore shows less than a full hemisphere, such as used in The Blue Marble 2012). Intersect the line NE with the plane F. Some existing texts include brief sections on the stereographic method, but do not provide students with an explanation of the underlying principles. Stereographic Projection. The projection is defined as shown in Fig. 1a). Mapping Toolbox™ uses a different implementation of the stereographic projection for displaying coordinates on map axes than for projecting coordinates using the … The polar aspect of this projection appears to have been developed by the Egyptians and Greeks by the second century B.C. The Stereographic Projection E. J. W. Whittaker 1. 1. Stereographic projection preserves circles and angles. The stereographic projection, which is conformal, can be constructed by using the tangent point's antipode as the point of perspective.

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