tree branch bookshelf diy

Now to convince her to let me make this... Wow, that's awesome! Totally cool! 5 years ago That was one of the toughest parts. I wondered how you knew lengths of shelves and how did you determine the angles of all those cuts? Really cool project! Coat the entire tree including the background. The third pair of numbers corresponds to the angles of the branch. We chose a deep brown so as to contrast the light color of the unstained plywood branches. PatrickW51, very well made bookshelf. Take care not to touch the sander to the background or it will scuff the sheen. For the double thick branches (1.5" thick), take two strips of plywood, lather one side of one of the sheets with wood glue, press them together so that their front edges are flush and clamp them for at least 2 hours. I absolutely love this idea, it looks stunning on your wall, & will use something like this when building a new storage rack for my hobby supplies. DIY Tree Book Shelf. on Introduction. Hi I’m just about to start this and was also wondering why there is a ‘gab’ at the back? Also a few layers of tyveck between the cardboard layers would be very helpful, but perforate the stuff so the glue oozes through Additionally one should use some cardboard cut with the corrugations 90 to the fist layer, creating plywood cardboard. Drill countersink holes so the screw will sit flush against the back of the tree. The angles are measured looking down at the tree just as the image depicts. Let's make a sweet bookshelf, one that sets a calm and natural ambiance! Using the Deckmate screws, screw into the branch from the backside of the background and through the holes you just pre-drilled. cool I don't know how much I trust cardboard, I would try this with wood. My plan is to build most of my furniture/ decorations myself and I started with this branch bookshelf. I recently aquired a new couch that came in a gigantic cardboard box that was the perfect size and amount of material for a 10' long shelf! Great job! This was done with several of the smaller, 3/4" thick branches. Take care of that by lightly sanding the branches (ONLY the branches, NOT the background) with a 120 or 150 grit orbital sander. Question This will minimized the amount of sanding required later. I recommend you change out the blade frequently to save yourself some struggle as cardboard dulls the blades quickly. I made sure and cut that at increments of 5 degrees so they were easy to translate to a schematic. Now it's time to attach the branches to the background. NOTE: during the sanding and wiping parts it is imperative that you wear a dust mask and Polyurethane dust is none biodegradable, meaning that it might not come out of your lungs if it gets in there. This would be great! You mean why does the main trunk have a gab in the back? Make sure that there is no dust left on any surface. Pre-drill from the backside of the background into the branch, using the holes you just drilled as guides. After putting it in my sister's room, it feels so much "homier"!! I decided to make it 6'' thick to be able to fit most books and DVDs. Did you make this project? Making one for my cats! It is important to note which side of the branch the angle is measured from since the measurements are always less than or equal to 45 degrees. PatrickW51, No problem, the more the better and good luck in the contest. Tree Branch Bookshelf: I've found myself in a new apartment that I've decided to theme with a touch of nature everywhere you look. Half crazy, half can decide. A few final coats of waterproof varnish etc, would keep it stronger for a while as well. That is brilliant work! Now to cut another one! Did you make this project? Nice job! I like the end result, but there is something slightly ironic in how only humans can take a tree, mash it up and then glue it back into a tree like it was at the start and call it upcycling. Now that we have the two faces we need to build up the structure. The first number corresponds to branch number (red in the picture above). 2 years ago It was insprired by a quick google sea… Thus, I decided to cover it up and make it look a bit more uniform. The other two pieces need to be cut lengthwise (long strips) into 7 inch wide by 8 foot long pieces. Lightly sand the full 4 foot by 8 foot sheet of plywood to remove any irregularities. You would definitely have to attach it to the studs. If I would making this again, I would definitely go with the $45 red Oak plywood though, for a better look. on Step 2. Once you seal it though, it looks pretty awesome either way!! Take a sander to all the surfaces of the branches careful not to scuff up the painted background. Allow the tree to air dry for an hour. It looks great! Finally I mounted my new cardboard construction on the wall using a couple of 3'' L-brackets it balances on. Share it with us! Trace out your design, I stayed with straight lines instead of more natural curvey ones. Why the recessed center lamina?

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