tracing in a sentence

haptic device must therefore resolve shape by tracing the contours of the object. It is important to begin the study of graphics with concrete cases rather than with tracing values of … It is important to begin the study of graphics with concrete cases rather than with tracing values of an algebraic function. (2) She had given up all hope of tracing her missing daughter. It is used in high-risk situations or when it is difficult to obtain an accurate FHR tracing. The Execution Tracing package provides three ways to control trace output based on these severity levels. The republic of Venice differed essentially from any other state in Italy; and her history was so separate that, up to this Venice point, it would have been needless to interrupt the narrative by tracing it. She rose and paced, the dress tracing her movements in a way that made his eyes follow her body. However, the tracing scenes provided do not limit your budding artist. Their faces were inches away, his fingers tracing a line of warm electricity down her jaw. Begin by sketching out a general layout of each room in your home on a piece of tracing paper. With the Saracen occupation begins a new division of the island, which becomes convenient in tracing the progress of Saracen conquest. They were quiet for a long time until Elisabeth propped up on her elbow, tracing his jaw line with her finger. By tracing the history of parents, grandparents and great grandparents, the researcher often discovers a fulfilling sense of self as they discover the histories of those who came before them. Sprinkle sand on a cookie sheet, and let your child practice tracing letters in the sand. The child may be asked to perform tasks such as identification of fingers, whistling, saluting, brushing teeth motions, combing hair, drawing, and tracing figures. Vico raised the problem to a higher plane, by tracing the origin of law in the human mind and explaining the historical changes of the one by those of the other. If this is done for every possible value of x, there will be a series of ordinates tracing out a trapezette with base along OX. The numerical predominance of certain families or their absence affords criteria for marking out boundary lines and tracing relationships. In all these cases it is a nice question whether we are tracing an ascending or descending stream. It demands a careful study of the myths and religious thought of primitive peoples; and the tracing of the names from one language to another belongs to comparative philology. Besides tracing out the lines of Nadirabad, a town Since merged in modern Kandahar, Nadir had taken advantage of the time available and of opportunities presented to enlist a large number of men from the Abdali and Ghilzai tribes. Was she tracing my call? The five bishops in their Report, tracing the various vestments to their origins, conclude that they are meaningless in themselves, and therefore things indifferent. de Chimie et de Physique, 1866-1868) applied the principles of thermodynamics to capillary phenomena, and the experiments of his son Paul were exceedingly ingenious and well devised, tracing the influence of surfacetension in a great number of very different circumstances, and deducing from independent methods the numerical value of the surface-tension. She touched her neck delicately, tracing the scars. traceprincipal interest at the moment is in tracing the origin of the family name. Make a family portrait for your living room by tracing each person's silhouette onto the canvas. From this separation arise all the difficulties in the effort to develop the notion systematically, and in tracing the history of Kant's philosophical progress we are able to discern the gradual perception on his part that here was to be found the ultimate cause of the perplexities which became apparent in considering the subordinate doctrines of the system. My principal interest at the moment is in tracing the origin of the family name. That the series of natural animals is continuous, forming, as it were, a circle; so that, upon commencing at any one given point, and thence tracing all the modifications of structure, we shall be imperceptibly led, after passing through numerous forms, again to the point from which we started. For more information about tracing National Insurance numbers, see Part 4 of the Employer Helpbook E13, day-to-day payroll. Drawing, tracing, coloring, and reading are some of kindergartners' favorite things so incorporate all these activities into your worksheets for the best results. Using your stylus tool, rub gently into the stencil, carefully tracing the edges of the stencil design. work was the tracing of the Blue Nile from its source to its junction with the White Nile. The tracing resulted in 36 320 cows being assigned to 11 786 cow families with more than one cow per maternal lineage. We must trace the source of these noxious. But all four agreed in tracing the variety of things to a single material cause, corporeal, endowed with qualities, and capable of self-transformation. We are now accustomed to tracing such gradual effects in numerous guises, from acid rain to global warming to pesticide residues. Police.Broadly, the police of France may be divided into two great branchesadministrative police (la police administrative) and judicial police (la police judic-iaire), the former having for its object the maintenance of order, and the latter charged with tracing out offenders, collecting the proofs, and delivering the presumed offenders to the tribunals charged by law with their trial and punishment. Using surveillance from satellites, bugs and other sophisticated snooping devices, the NSA infiltrates every facet of Dean 's existence, tracing e.. the woman continued, tracing a finger lazily down his bicep. The velvet-eyed descendant of Eve shot a fearful glance at him and continued, still casually tracing invisible arabesques with her foil's point. These laws can be established either by tracing the individual terms in a sum or a product or by means of the general theorem in � 52 (vi.). This, like all Droysen's work, shows a strongly marked individuality, and a great power of tracing the manner in which important dynamic forces worked themselves out in history.

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