slotted bass nut

Flat bottom. Guitar String Buttons Tuners Bass Guitar Tuner Machine Heads 2L2R Red Bronze. Measures 1-5/8" x 1/8" x 7/32" tall with 1-5/16" string spacing. Pre-slotted black plastic bass nut for P Bass® or similar models. “Starting with one of these slotted nuts saves me about an hour per job. 4-string plastic nut for bass… $19.18. Good news: our vintage-look unbleached bone nuts … Replace, Repair and Restore—Genuine Fender Parts High-quality Micarta (synthetic bone) pre-slotted string nut for use on American Standard Precision Bass … $3.99. And they're unbleached bone, my favorite for tone.” —Erick Coleman, StewMac tech advisor Stewart-MacDonald is your source for quality bone! 4-STRING SLOTTED PLASTIC BASS NUT 42x6mm BN-8864-025. No matter what type of stringed instrument you have, the nut is one of the most important … 6-month Special … 2 Pcs Cattle Bone Nut 4 String Slotted Bass Guitar Nuts Upper-nuts 38x3.4mm. Free … Precision Bass® Micarta String Nut, Pre-Slotted. Graph Tech PQL-1204-00 TUSQ XL 4-String P-Bass-style Slotted Nut - 1-21/32" Long x 1/8" Wide Pre-slotted Replacement String Nut for P Bass-style Bass Guitars - White $12.71. You already know bone nuts sound better than plastic. Free shipping . $5.77. It is a great option to upgrade or replace the nut on your bass. The PQ-1200-00 is TUSQ 4 string slotted bass nut.

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