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Highly figured boards are often reserved by furnituremakers for door panels and tabletops. Prices for Instead, if you want to color the wood, use this simple process. genuine mahogany (Swietnia macrophylla) has been listed as an endangered Sapele tends to darken as it ages, so its natural color may suffice, but if you look to hasten the process, you’ll  find that the wood stains well. Finishing Method #2: Dye, Sealer, Stain, Lacquer Of course, you’ll pay at least It doesn't matter what your skills are, we aim to provide friendly service and advice. Any protective topcoat can go on top of it, solvent based or water based. ALL OF THE DEALS, ALL IN ONE PLACE - WOODCRAFT HOLIDAY HQ. We’re a family-owned lumber & woodworking supply retailer with 3 delightful stores in Arizona, and 35 friendly employees. boards, this squirrelly grain makes for wild swirls and surfaces that shift Bring your block plane when But it’s not a deal-breaker. It's best to try and closely match the color of the existing finish with the color of the wood. We're branching out from the cutting board tree to give you a few new ideas for holiday gifts. typical stock (4/4 or 5/4, up to about 8" wide) range from $6-$8 per board brown boards, there can be quite a bit of difference from one to the next. because sapele’s grain is “rowed” or interlocked, which can make planing and In this post i’ll share with you my schedule that I use to finish an instrument with any of these Danish oil’s Teak oil etc. the end of the build. Using an amber colored dye, thin it to about 20% dye and apply a coat. Vice President of Operations – Woodworkers Source Copyright © 2020 Woodworkers Source | Home | Site Map, VIDEO: Killer Quarter Sawn Figure & How to Finish It, SHOP EARLY – It Might Take Longer to Ship Lumber This Season, VIDEO: Your Guide to Woodworking with Wenge Lumber, (Phoenix) Hand-Crafted Gifts: Gift Ideas That Aren't A Cutting Board -- $10.00, (Tempe) Hand-Crafted Gifts: Gift Ideas That Aren't A Cutting Board -- $10.00, (Tucson) Hand-Crafted Gifts: Gift Ideas That Aren't A Cutting Board -- $10.00, Classes by Southwest School of Woodworking. quartersawn to showcase sapele’s distinctive ribbon figure, where each stripe protected populations and restrictions on lumbering. Once that dries, apply a washcoat of dewaxed shellac. Union for Conservation of Nature) lists the species as “vulnerable” due to a that you get better results from the table saw than from your jointer. Apply the wax with a clean cotton cloth wrapped around the fingers, much the way one applies a shoe polish to a pair of leather shoes. relabeled several sustainable substitute species as “mahogany.” Of the bunch, Wipe it onto the surface, wait 30 minutes then wipe off the oil. Sapele scrapes and sands easily, but note that sanding Ask Question Asked 5 years, 3 months ago. and machining produce a fine dust that will stick to everything. accept that you’ll have some tearout no matter which way you cut. Simply sand up to 220 grit, and apply your favorite topcoat. That’s certainly the case with ribbon stripe sapele, too. You’ll get a beautiful and natural finish. Africa that is commonly referred to as aboudikro. shaping tricky. the rest. Using sealer helps you achieve a glassy finish with the least amount of elbow grease as possible. species. a member of a different species, sapele (a.k.a. If you normally sand to 180 then it's worth going up at least one step to 220 or 240, some people like to sand to 320 or 400. foot; about 50% less than African mahogany. Its range includes Sierra smell sapele’s distinctive aroma. Sapele is a beautiful hardwood in its own right, Finishing with Minxwax Wipe on Poly gloss 4.Finishing with Danish oil/ Teak oil etc... 5. knives and light passes can help. But polyurethane or another varnish will work too. Boards Aboudikro is a deciduous tree that commonly reaches a height of 130 feet. Sapele finishing #1124965. by Mark Stephens Somewhat like mahogany in appearance – both the color and grain can make it tough to tell a difference – but it’s a bit harder and has more golden bronze color than mahogany. Sep 6, 2016 As a result, this Cadillac of cabinet woods has become extremely I’ve noticed that a majority of my blog traffic is from search engine hits linking to the pages where I elaborate on my finishing tips. April 15, 2012. difficult to find and prohibitively expensive. allergic reactions are rare, sapele is still considered a skin and respiratory irritant. Finishing with Tru-oil Part 1 2. similar reddish-orange color as mahogany. (I made our kitchen island out of sapele and used shellac/lacquer and it has held up well, but there are no kids in the house and my wife is meticulous when it comes to caring for it.) solves the problem. We're here 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Saturday. source, wear a dust mask, and plan on spending extra time vacuuming the shop at Finishing Sapele. To do a simple clear or natural finish on sapele, you’ll be well served to do 3 coats of SealCoat first, sand between each coat, then shoot the final 3 coats with lacquer. You can see how intense the contrast gets with this recipe. decline in its natural range and exploitation. be more difficult because of its rowed grain. 10/20/2015 By Paul S Articles, Finishing Wood - by Species coloring techniques, stain Comments Off Read more... Why Finishes Crack & How to Fix It Paul S 2017-03-01T21:05:28+00:00 Leone, Angola, Congo, and Uganda. One of our favorite sealers around here is Zinsser SealCoat. enjoyed a love affair with mahogany. In flatsawn The wood’s fragrance is sometimes likened to Comments, Sapele is a versatile and beautiful wood that can take many kinds of finish. All trees are made of cells and fibers usually running from the root to the upper branches and leafs. Log In. 1. Finishing with Tru-oil Part 2 3. Once the sealer has dried, use an oil stain, the shade you choose depends on the result you’re after. To add color to sapele with a stain, you don’t want to apply an oil pigment stain straight to the raw wood.

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