safe handling of chemotherapy drugs for nurses

In 1979, Falck and colleagues described the presence of chemotherapy in the urine of nurses caring for patients who had received chemotherapy. Skov T, Maarup B, Olsen J, Rorth M, Winthereik H, Lynge E. Leukaemia and reproductive outcome among nurses handling antineoplastic drugs. Safe handling of chemotherapy drugs Direct contact with chemotherapy drugs (HDs), either by handling, reconstituting, or administering, represents an exposure risk. N2 - Background: Nurses and other healthcare workers are at risk for adverse health consequences from occupational exposure to hazardous drugs. Y1 - 2017/2/1. At the recent ONS Annual Congress, Seth Eisenberg, RN, ASN, OCN, BMTCN, and AnnMarie Walton, PhD, MPH, RN, OCN, CHES, spoke to a crowd of 300 healthcare professionals about the importance of safe handling of chemotherapy and other hazardous drugs for oncology practitioners. AU - Crickman, Rachael. ... safe handling and administration of chemotherapy drugs… Several of the nation’s leading oncology nurse advocates for raising awareness of the importance of safe handling of chemotherapy drugs gathered recently to discuss some of the current challenges they face in their practices, along with risk reduction strategies that, if adopted, would benefit nurses nationwide. AU - Finnell, Deborah S. PY - 2017/2/1. 1 The discovery that merely handling chemotherapy drugs can lead to absorption of the chemotherapy drugs has been key in the re-evaluation of safety in healthcare environments. 6383 Devi Sarita et al. Knowledge and attitud e regarding safe handling of chemo- ther apeutic drugs among nurses: a cross section al survey Majority of nursing personnel (46.7%) had mild positive T1 - Chemotherapy safe handling. Br J Ind Med. 1992;49:855-861. 12. Oncology nurses from a community hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio implemented a two-pronged process for the safe handling of chemotherapy, improving nurses’ satisfaction and comfort levels regarding chemotherapy safety. Oncology nurses were questions about side effects possibly related to their use of cytotoxic chemotherapy agents. T2 - Limiting nursing exposure with a hazardous drug control program. 10. 2003;7(suppl):25-29. 11. Author information: (1)Department of Nursing, Iwamizawa Municipal General Hospital. Griffin E. Safety considerations and safe handling of oral chemotherapy agents. [Article in Japanese] Terui K(1), Nagayama K, Okajima H, Kato S, Nakajima Y. Clin J Oncol Nurs. [Safety issues of chemo drug administration handling by nurses from an occupational exposure viewpoint-through visualization with contrast media for ophthalmic vasculature]. Birner A.

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