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The median annual salary for directors of clinical services is $87,161, according to PayScale data from September 2019. The importance of nursing informatics (NI) is highlighted because of changing healthcare landscapes in response to rising digital health and technology integration and use. With the use of informatics, information is sent quickly so nurses can make clinical decisions … The Online Journal of Nursing Informatics is an open-access journal. There are no article submission charges nor article processing charges for this journal. ANA in 1992 first defined the nursing informatics role as one which “supports the nursing process by helping to integrate the data, information, and knowledge required for clinical decision making.” In 2001, ANA further defined nursing informatics, releasing the Nursing Informatics: Practice Scope and Standards of Practice. Manuscripts undergo a double-blind, peer review and publication is based upon the reviews. Nursing informatics is a top career in healthcare and has become an integral part of growing dynamic organizations where they can expand their growth potential because they are the experts who master the combination of technology and patient care. Nurses who choose informatics as a career expand their reach beyond direct patient care, but they still experience the rewards of helping people and advocating for their … The Nursing Informatics Association of Alberta (NIAA) is a specialty practice group founded in 2013 to engage Alberta nurses in learning about the role of informatics in nursing practice and create educational opportunities to support NI competency development (Canadian Nurses Association, 2006b; Kleib, Shaben, Zimka, & Kwan, 2013). Nursing informatics competencies at a foundation level include an ability to source and retrieve best available evidence use of information and communication technology (ICT) effectively and responsibly, and understand the core concepts for documentation of patient-centered care in an electronic health record. Innovation, as a concept, is not new to nursing. Moreover, nursing informatics cuts down on waste and boosts efficiency by preventing repeat procedures and reducing the occurrence of medical and medication errors. Published On: June 04, 2019. The role of chief nursing informatics officer (CNIO) has grown concurrently with the rising use of technology in clinical practice. Background . Letter of inquiries to the OJNI Editorial Team are welcome. 2 Nurses are responsible for several innovations that are now staples in health care. Chief Nursing Informatics Officer . Nursing informatics is broad, accommodates a diverse array of nursing strengths and interests, and impacts virtually every aspect of healthcare where technology integrates with clinical practice, no matter the setting. Nursing informatics can save hospitals money because it facilitates the flow of information.

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