mobo triton pro vs mobo shift

They claim to be the first cruiser trike in the world to have this feature. Top End Force-3 Stock Handcycle, 17 … In turn, we may receive an affiliate commission from product sales generated through the links in these posts. There are a lot of different view points. Which Adult Mobo Cruiser is Best for You? Some users compare this low recumbent trike to the popular Big Wheel stunt cycle from childhood. The tricycle is comfortable to sit in according to many users. The weight limit is marketed as 250 pounds maximum. As with the majority of trikes, users had trouble assembling the vehicle. We have read all expert and user reviews on the Mobo Triton Pro. Because it is only one-gear, it might be hard to go fast on this trike. Both models have the same size wheels, 20 inches and 16 inches. It measures 28 inches, by 25.6 inches, by 48 inches in length. The seat is also very low, measuring 15 inches from the ground. For adults, we have two really great options, the Mobo Shift, and the Mobo Triton PRO. If your Triton is out of alignment but you have a solid rear linkage, please contact us and we can provide you a replacement rear linkage that is adjustable. The brake is activated by hand and comes on the right-hand side by default. Click below to see for yourself. Copyright © 2020 Tricycle for Adults. One unique feature for the Shift is the ability to put the trike in reverse through the use of the reverse shifter located on the left handle. It is one of the only trikes to be able to do this. I hope our Mobo Shift review was useful to someone and helped to make you as informed as possible. The only accessory that comes with the Shift is a safety flag. In summary, this is what cyclists think. This helps to assure that you are visible to passing cars when you are riding. As the title implies, the Shift adds the ability to ‘shift’ into reverse. In one Mobo Shift review a purchaser wrote about how they could not get the vehicle to climb up a two-foot steep hill that connected their driveway to the road without the tire slipping. The difference is actually quite simple. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Required fields are marked *. Looking to see which Mobo is right for you? Mobo Triton 220 lbs 3’5” – 5’2” Mobo Triton Pro 250 lbs 4’ – 6’3” Mobo Shift 250 lbs 4’ – 6’3” Kent Adult Westport Folding Tricycle Review, Komodo Cycling 24 6-speed Adult Tricycle Review. PRO TIP: The bike is available in three different colors, and you would be surprised at how much the price varies by color. Mobo Triton Pro vs. Mobo Shift. The shipping weight is 54.4 pounds, which is important to know in the event that you are someone who might need assistance moving a package of that size once it is delivered. The concept behind this system is supposed to be able to increase the strength of both the arm and leg muscles. The Mobo Shift is constructed with two different sizes of wheels. This could be fine if you intend to stay on a relatively flat surface with no inclines or gravel. Pedal 3-Wheel Bike 4.2 out of 5 stars 600. Unless you plan on only staying on flat smooth surfaces, this might be a problem for you. Both models have the same size wheels, 20 inches and 16 inches. Well, firstly, all Mobo cruisers are single-speed or one-geared. Mobo Shift Reversible Three-Wheeled Cruiser. We don't recommend performing stunts, but it does work well for smaller adults and children as a neighborhood cruiser. Here are some side by side comparison of the features for an easier comparison. Alignment for our Triton and Triton Pro is determined by the direct linkage between the two rear wheels. The Triton Pro was favored as a rehabilitation aid, by people suffering from back and neck problems. How does it compare to the Mobo Triton Pro? As always, if you do decide to purchase, please leave a comment below to let the community know about your experiences. Single Speed/ Can be Free Wheel or Fixed Wheel, Adjustable Seat Angles: 60⁰, 50⁰, 45⁰, 35⁰, 30⁰, 20⁰, Slightly higher above ground: 12.5″ above ground, Available colors: Blue, Red, Silver, Orange. We found the answers to these questions and more. Here are some side by side comparison of the features for an easier comparison. On further reading, it seems that most of the negative reviews stem from the fact that it is one-gear and that it is difficult to assemble. Designed with a reverse gear function, this innovative rear-wheel steering system allows for a new, unique way to ride. With low-to-the-ground models such as this, the flag is a must-have. An additional measurement that could be important to know is that the seat measures 15 inches from the ground. The majority of the ratings are positive, but in my research I found an alarming number of people that gave the trike the lowest score possible. We research and collect info about adult tricycles from numerous sources and then bring it all together in an easily digestible format. Mobo Triton. A unique aspect to this trike is the fact that it has a reverse gear. For adults, we have two really great options, the Mobo Shift, and the Mobo Triton PRO. Tricycles are even harder than bikes in this situation, especially recumbent trikes, because you can not stand up to get leverage like a normal bike. This could be useful for backing out of spaces, maybe from your garage on the way out to ride for the day. When you want to make an informed trike purchase you don’t have to spend hours scouring the internet for the necessary information because we have already done it for you.

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