lud and zallen

If you have 1 phantom helping you, he will come out when Lud reaches 50% health. But in the end, the moment I switched to the Twinblade, they died. This was a very difficult fight! Lud and Zallen become almost laughable if you use a Red Iron Twinblade. They are located in the Frigid Outskirts, the final challenge area in The Crown Of The Ivory King DLC, and wait for you on the other side of a tundra where blowing winds decrease your visibility to nothing. Especially since its so friggen hard to get here as well with the stupid reindeer/horse things that pop up out of nowhere and do a shit tonne of damage. Of course, every one of these games allows players to summon friends in to help ( or at times, hurt them ), but … Lud and Zallen (Dark Souls 2) A pair of bosses in Dark Souls 2, Lud and Zallen are King’s pets, giant, magic casting sabretooth tigers, found in an icy arena in the end of the Frigid Outskirt. Lud and Zallen are another example of a dual boss fight and are a hassle to find. I beat my head against the wall so much using my favored Greatsword, Estoc, and DW Estocs. Always aim to kill Lud first as he doesn't have boost, you could wait for Zallen rage boost to just wear off (30 sec i think) instead of risking getting hit. Never had an issue with them since. If you have 2 phantoms, he will come out when Lud reaches 66% health. I actually just ended up summoning the two AIs to distract the reindeer horse things. While these bosses are usually fought together, they can be beaten individually. Use the same strategy as that earlier fight, dodging paw swipes and ice crystals. Lud and Zallen, the King's Pets. Having no phantoms makes him come out when Lud reaches 33% health. Oct 13, 2014 @ 7:31am cool story bro but didn't read #2. Lud will attack you first, with Zallen joining in once some damage has been done to his brother. #1. Because fuck those guys. DYNIA. Both Lud and Zallen fight very much like Aava who featured earlier on in the DLC. Lud and Zallen, an optional multi-beast boss fight in the Crown of the Ivory King DLC, are unique in that this is meant to be a co-op Bossfight. When logged in, you can choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu. Zallen will enter the battle part-way through the fight depending on how many phantoms you have.

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