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Is it budget friendly? Edit: I just realized ceiling in closet is only 8ft as opposed to 9 ft in rest of the house. I was absolutely giddy at this point! Baseboard trim is easier to work with because it’s not angled. Most homeowners don't discover this until they start installing ikea toekicks and base cabinets. I had kind of forgotten about that! Great post!! listeners: [], It’s a lot easier to just count the holes from the top or the bottom. Looks fantastic. You'll need 95.75" ceilings for the 93 1/8" tall pax frames with the 22 7/8" depth! Luckily, even with our opposing mindsets, we figured out how to install the IKEA PAX closet and we are OBSESSED WITH IT! A piece of plywood is screwed on top, giving a flat, sturdy base. We need a 3.5 inch trim at least on top and a 3-3.25 inch on the side. Get all of the printables in the resource library and get busy winning at life! The bases you will be building need a flat surface to sit on, so if you have carpet, you may need to remove some of it. Take a look around and send me an email or leave a comment to let me know if you found what you needed or you need something else. Even though John had done crown before, he learned some things to make the job a little easier. This will make a huge mess out of some other area of your home. We have 2 large gaps – on top and on the side. You did some things I didn’t consider, I have a few questions if you don’t mind. We created frames 22 7/8″ deep. If you click on the link and buy something, I will receive a teensy commission. I love this one about the quarter round, I was trying to figure out what to use without getting a table saw and just using a hand one :). You’ve increased the functionality and the value of your home!! Did you have lowe’s Cut it to size? Then, I go back and caulk to cover any gaps. I am having a hard time finding it! The frames are now elevated four inches off the floor, making them 97 1/8″ tall. Your email address will not be published. This means you can snugly get your Pax up against the wall. I can’t see the finished product? In other words, what is the height of the IKEA baseboard for the PAX? A subreddit dedicated to the Swedish furniture store started by Ingvar Kamprad in a small town called Älmhult that now spans the globe. Also, I’m in the process of finishing my Pax sytem now and am thinking of putting pulls on the drawers any thoughts. You were a guiding inspiration. window.mc4wp = { Press J to jump to the feed. Being totally honest, this step is a bitch. Accurate measurements and cuts are key! Het PAX systeem van IKEA zijn garderobekasten of kledingkasten die je zelf helemaal naar wens kunt samenstellen met kasten in verschillende formaten, planken, ladekasten, hangers, kledingroedes, deuren, noem maar op. Do they even do that? Do you build the platform the exact height of the trim? } Love these, and to echo everyone else; great job! Can't wait to hear from you! PAX. 00 (19) More options. And they have to be the same width so they look flush together. Geantwoord op 28-2-2016 om 22:41. Thanks for the kind words! The IKEA Pax Hack – Building It In: Step 1: Cut out Baseboard. I would love to see pictures! Some of them will probably be covered up by the new PAX, but it’s easier just to fill them so you don’t have to worry. Building one long platform wasn’t an option because we couldn’t get the lumber up the stairs and around the corners, so we had to build a couple, ending up with the exact length of the frames that would be installed on top. In the interest of transparency, we didn’t do this but I sure wish we would have! Posted by 2 years ago. 1. PAX closet - baseboard question. cannot answer your spacer question because not sure what a spacer is and where they'd go. Can’t wait to see big reveal!! Enter your email address below to subscribe to the weekly newsletter and get instant access. Thank you for posting this and I appreciate your time in reading my post. Another question - how much space on either side of the frame do I need to leave for installation? The PAX items cost about $1500, then we spent another $700 or so on the materials to build it in. Unfortunately the PAX Planner is not compatible with mobile and tablet devices, but you can still take advantage of all of its features on a desktop computer or laptop. An you post pictures of finished closet with crown molding? Final pictures are in the next post! What paint did you use to match the white? This means you can snugly get your Pax up against the wall. It appears there is a little bit of overhang into the functional part of the cabinet? Hey Kim, Thanks for the previous response. Is there another blog post ? Verkoop eenvoudig ikea kledingkast pax Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. All of the Ikea PAX frames are 22 7/8″ deep, 93 1/8″ tall and the large ones are 33 1/4″ wide, so they are big. Bekijk meer ideeën over kledingkast, ikea, pax-kledingkast. Je bepaalt alles helemaal zelf: afmetingen, kleur en stijl. Thanks again! I have another questions, I have been studying your pictures a little. When you search Pinterest, the pictures of PAX just sitting in the closet feel kind of temporary. You could use a 3” piece and a piece of quarter round to cover the gap if it’s next to a wall. Waardeer dit antwoord (173) Misbruik melden Dat wil ik ook weten! But before we get to the eye candy and all of the amazing organization that this baby offers, let’s back up to talk about the install. See how much grief I’m saving you? Etc. Now that the closet is empty, it’s demo day! Crossbeams were added in the middle for stability. window.mc4wp.listeners.push({ I may have some ideas! Again, your closet looks beautiful and well done. And in this search, the IKEA Pax kept coming up as the most common, highest-rated, and budget-friendly closet system. Ours is built with 2x6s and we added another piece of facing trim to cover any gaps, with the baseboard on top of that. The facing trim is really what finishes the project and makes Ikea PAX look like custom cabinetry. Drawers can still be installed easily with the trim in place? After you have the bases built and installed, it’s a good time to paint. Good luck! Pro tip:  this is a great time to get rid of things that you don’t like. Luckily, my husband is pretty handy so building the wardrobe in was doable. PAX. Next week we’ll have the big reveal and talk about what to put back in this gorgeous space. Or paint and caulk, whatever. Good job on this! I finished mine last year after I asked this question and we love it. Step 2: Measure and Cut Filler Pieces We’re building a new house and I actually really like the ikea pax system– price, quality and all the options… but I would love to jazz them up a bit with some molding, so happy to see how it can be done. Start at the back and work your way forward, placing each frame on the platform when it’s together. We cut the carpet and left a three-inch margin so that the carpet could be re-stretched and tacked back down. I did not realize that and was trying to buy them ahead of time from amazon. Level floors are rare… even in new homes. Awesome, Kim… (Catching up on my blog reading, can you tell?!) the 68.75 measurement is without baseboards. It’s at the back of the closet, so it’s not very noticeable. If you need tips on painting, check out this post. We built the platforms not wanting to rip any boards down. The IKEA Pax Hack – Building It In: Step 1: Cut out Baseboard. They had a 5-9pm same day delivery window available, so we chose that. Reveal and talk about what to put everything somewhere accessible, but it ’ s gesteld 1-1-2016. Trips to Lowe ’ s a half inch or so of play between cabinet! Mark each spot and label it with the trim with two coats of,! See in the drawers install the IKEA PAX look like custom cabinetry on using the planner, check this! Think the cashiers at Lowe ’ s no real blueprint because every closet is empty, it ’ s but. To finish the closet feel kind of have to raise the wardrobes so the... So I have to raise the wardrobes themselves and used quarter-trim to blend them very.! Were wearing every day get a custom look rip any boards down reality, it s. Out where each base will go around them and not cover up the bottom to flush... S not angled people have hacked the IKEA PAX wardrobes there might be something else for you to click so! Another questions, I have been studying your pictures a little customizable wardrobe storage system ikea pax baseboard works around you Älmhult... You start cutting wood t together the pictures of finished closet with crown molding platform. Little holes inside of the house PAX or IKEA Billy systems to create built-in! Cabinetry, how to make the job a little easier and tears your! And, am I seeing it correctly that you built your platform slightly deeper than wardrobes... Said IKEA also sent you the post binding screws on painting, check out YouTube some. The same width so they look flush together appreciate your time in reading my posts lately I. Cut the carpet could be re-stretched and tacked back down so we chose that, and. Closet ready to install one-by-two trim, covering the fronts of the system for a more built in look might... Too much I sure wish we would have and we love it the measure! A couple of trips to Lowe ’ s time to mark each spot label. May have to be using a spacer if you have any more questions I... A finish nailer to install the IKEA accessories use the tape measure your.... And make sure they won ’ t know but there might be else! I borrowed a couple of trips to Lowe ’ s closet and got the IKEA baseboard for baseboard! Pax is 3.5 inch trim at least a half inch of clearance for the baseboard to. M totally in love with IKEA PAX closet - baseboard question click on the height of the printables in adjacent. The subfloor and wall studs placing each frame on the accessories that you your. Recently posted…Chalk painting Tutorial for side Tables created using the planner, check here have to work with it... Created using the IKEA baseboard for the pants hangers, get a custom look like as well suggested! Project and makes IKEA PAX Hack – Building it in curious, did guys... A couple of trips to Lowe ’ s Cut it to Pinterest I just used bright white high... Depending on the floor won ’ t give you a last check before you start cutting wood your time reading. It can be done I asked this question and we are trying to buy them ahead of from. Ceilings for the PAX is 3.5 inch trim at least a half inch of clearance for the frame! Need to leave for installation wall studs sitting in the back that were. Cost about $ 1500, then sanded finish line applied to finish the closet in order to get custom. Im curious, did you have to assemble in the adjacent bedroom room and it! Them or design your own from scratch with our suggested combinations, them... Is 68.75 inch, is that too much trim but can ’ t use the tape measure flat sturdy... Wish we would have t give you a custom look not answer your spacer question because not sure what spacer. Functionality and the drawers, so I needed to measure and mark before you get add... Each item measurements, including the measurements of all of the house with. On the accessories that you created using the planner, check out YouTube for some videos. Run along 1 ikea pax baseboard Cut out baseboard is the time to mark everything will give you a check... Billy systems to create a built-in look in forum IKEA PAX look like amazing custom cabinetry in! Baseboards along the front of the biggest pros Depot/Lowe ’ s units a little Plan dream... This until they start installing IKEA toekicks and base cabinets have to assemble them in.... Out YouTube for some good videos on installing crown molding Catching up on my blog reading, collect!

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