how to remove ice maker from frigidaire gallery french door

My Frigidaire french door refrigerator model # FGHB2866PPDA is not cold in the refrigerator section, but the freezer and ice maker are working. Nothing was cooling so we have replaced the evaporator f … read more Sometimes it’s necessary to remove a refrigerator door for repairs or to reduce the width of … To reset the ice maker on a Frigidaire refrigerator, locate the on/off button of the ice maker. My Whirlpool WRX fridge ice maker makes ice cubes but the ice cubes are stuck. After 5 minutes, press and hold the button again until the light turns green. Looking like nobody has tried to completely remove it. Press it until the light turns red. Be nice if some Electrolux engineer would come in and tell us if shutting off the ice maker on the door panel will allow the fridge to run without anything hooked up in the ice maker. Maybe I should start a "go fund me" to get the money so we can try it and see if it's do-able. If I open the door that the ice dispenser panel is located on, I can see the ice maker is making ice. How to Remove a Refrigerator Door With Ice Maker & Water Dispenser. However the ice cubes are jammed in the door. How to Reset the Ice Maker on a Frigidaire Refrigerator. Our Fridigaire Gallery French Door refrigerator has the ice maker in the refrigerator. The ice maker stopped working, so I did some investigating to try to see what was wrong. You can access it by removing the ice tray. When I press the ice paddle to get ice, the motor makes a grinding noise but no ice falls out.

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