how does antonio convince sebastian to kill alonso

It is then that Antonio delivers his speech trying to convince Sebastian to kill Alonso and become king. Alonso  Prospero. 30 seconds . Antonio wants to kill Alonso so that Sebastian would become the King and the evil mates could rule Naples :) 0 0. Discuss the dramatic impact of Antonio's language in lines 191 to 289. Still have questions? Why? answer choices . Ask Question + 100. In Act II, how does Antonio persuade Sebastian that if they kill Alonso, Sebastian can become King of Naples? Q. What does Sebastian's response tell us about him? Why doesn't Sebastian kill Alonso? Caliban helps to prevent the murder of Alonso. answer choices . Ariel wakes Alonso up just before Sebastian can stab him. Asked by allie o #275539 on 10/31/2012 5:48 PM In act 2 scene 1, we witness a crucial part of the play. False-- its ariel. What could Shakespeare be saying about human nature? Alonso is Sebastians brother and the King of Naples. Antonio says that it is the opportunity and he should seize it: Th' occassion speeks thee, and my strong imagination sees a crown dropping upon thy head. Tags: Question 22 . Get your answers by asking now. Alonso, Antonio, Sebastian, Gonzalo and some other lords are washed up on another part of the island. Sebastian has a sudden change of heart when he sees Alonso. Alonso feels he has lost his daughter in marriage to a man in a distant country and has lost his son in the tempest at sea. The king Alonso and his courtyards have mysteriously fallen asleep. Little does Sebastian know, Antonio owes Alonso and by killing him it would also kill his debt to Alonso and it would give Sebastian debt to Antonio. Gonzalo. Who does Antonio convince Sebastian to kill? Antonio incites Sebastian to kill his brother and take the crown of Naples. What does this tell about Antonio's motives? How does Antonio persuade Sebastian to betray Alonso in Act 2 Scene 1 of the Tempest? Sebastian and Antonio are two friends. Adrian. Antonio is trying to convince Sebastian to kill Alonso, by telling him how much power he will have and giving him guidance through this process. act 2. 8. Hence, here Antonio is again with treasonous thoughts in mind, trying to persuade Sebastian to allow Antonio to kill an even greater power, the king, so that Sebastian can take the crown. By arguing that Alonso's daughter, Claribel, is too far from Naples to take the crown. SURVEY . In Act 2, Scene 1, only Antonio and Sebastian remain awake after a solemn music plays.

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