headset sounds like i'm in a tunnel

Gives the idea I am using those old horrible stereo 1.0 speakers from back in the day. All I had to re-do was the CLR Browser plugin. I've been to doctor after doctor, and they all tell me the same thing...it's caused by allergies. I've tried several things (rebooting, restoring, rooting etc) and none seem to fix the issue permanently. I think it's fluid in the middle ear. Also I tried turning surround sound off thinking maybe the game wasn't liking it but even in stereo they're still muffled and tunnel-like. Should I try the one from Verizon that matches my phone? Which I am not.. My reception is good but it sounds muffled as well as the person on the other end has commented that they can hear their voice (echo) and that my voice also sounds muffled or like I'm in a tunnel. So say if I boot up a game and have the same recording going it then suddenly sounds like I'm in tunnel, this will still occur even if my speakers are off and my headset volume is down. Is there a straightforward fix for this? I have a Verizon Razr phone and a Blue Tooth (not Verizon). Issue: It sound like I am in a bathroom or anything like that, it's hollow. Any … When I call people, they tell me they can barely make out what I'm saying and that it sounds like I'm in a tunnel. I am using the G930 Logitech Gaming Headset which runs on 7.1 Ofcourse I went to check on recent changes in OBS or something with sound. So if you don’t want to be the friend who always sounds like they’re in a wind tunnel or on the set of an action movie, a headset with noise-cancelling microphones might be for you. It appears that people think this is a software issue? Any experiences like this and any suggestions to improve the sound. If I switch to speaker phone, they say the problem goes away. I have a 7.1 surround sound headset and I thought that it might be my headset but I haven't changed anything on it and other games work fine. Is anyone having any issues like this or have any advice? It's like when somebody is talking to me, I hear fine. Well, I've taken every allergy medicine there is, antibiotics, nasal sprays and nothing seems to really help. Question Headset sounds like I'm in a tunnel, sounds strange: Audio: 0: Nov 10, 2020: E: Question Microphone in my headset is not picking up my voice when connected to PC but it works fine on my Phone. Sounds like the same thing I'm suffering with. Using the ifixit repair guide I replaced the dock connector, but now people are saying I sound like I am in a tunnel/cave when talking on the phone. Noise cancellation in the headphones.

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