engineering report for mobile home

He has also done work with Log Homes. Guide to Foundation and Support System for Manufactured Homes by Manufactured Housing Research Alliance. This is because it allows several methods to achieve the permanent foundation objectives. This home is not connected to the stem wall. Roger specializes in Stick Frame Structures. Adel is a Project Manager at PSE who joined the industry in 1997 and has experience in diversified aspects of structural engineering analysis, design and management. The stem wall is connected to the manufactured home by: Strip and nailing to sill plate and house; Building paper and siding to protect the strip. Nabil moved to Klamath Falls, Oregon and began teaching at the Oregon Institute of Technology as an associate professor of Civil and Structural Engineering. In 2007 PSE was lucky enough to add Charles to the team and he has been with PSE ever since. Rated anchorage capacity to prevent uplift and overturning. The pier usable capacity will be the smaller of the two values above. Refer to page A-27 and A-28 of “Permanent Foundation Guide for Manufactured Housing HUD-007487” or. Engineer's Certification for Manufactured Housing Foundation Welcome. He has 12 years of professional experience in Civil engineering. Reinforce footings when the projection on each side of the wall, pier or column exceeds 2/3 of the footing thickness or when required due to soil conditions. While not specifically an engineering app, Roambi Analytics is valuable all the same. Manufactured Home Installation Training Manual. The most basic requirements for installing a HUD-Code home is to simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions. A structural engineer shall design the system if there are devotions from these assumptions. With advances in green building technologies, manufactured homes provide the ideal platform in both materials and building practices used to integrate new materials. The typical tasks he completes during the design process include developing framing plans, lateral (wind and seismic) analysis and design, vertical and horizontal member design, foundation design and the development of detail drawings. International Residential Code, IRC chapter 3. “Multi-section units are assumed to be connected at the mirage wall to act as a single box for overturning consideration and do not act separately as illustrated in Figure D-1. Francis has provided PSE with some outstanding design plans since he has been with us and he is a great addition to the team. As such, to calculate the pier capacity, add one thickness of the slab to the pier base dimensions on each side. It is recommended that you call the building department where the building is located. “Permanent Foundations Guide for Manufactured Housing” , HUD- 0077487, US. But when he tried to get FHA financing he was told that he had to have his manufactured home... Wow,  I'd say that's a pretty good foundation! Also, assume that the pressure line wall goes in a 45 degree downward cone shape from the edges of the pier base to the soil through the concrete slab. These standards include water supply and sewage disposal parameters. See the pink binder 2001. HUD Introductory Comments: There are two acceptable methods for owners to use in seeking HUD approval: Method 1: Furnished foundation drawings and design calculations prepared and sealed by a licensed professional engineer. Moreover, he provides different concrete and steel structure design package for residential, commercial buildings, warehouses and telecommunication towers and electrical projects with WorleyParsons. In 2003 Francis began working for Northwest Design and Restoration as a Drafter until 2005. Patio was covered by light metal deck supported on red iron HSS sections.

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