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For mix and master a must. The hardware Alpha Compressor fully embraces the company's esoteric beliefs and is intended for top-end mastering studios - its RRP price of over £8,500 clearly makes it a wild dream for most. Elysia delivers astonishing sound quality and makes EVERY master better. Also notable is the ease of use and musicality of the Niveau filter that make it a simple and effective tool. Elysia has just released a software version of it’s mastering compressor, the Alpha Compressor. The Master plug-in is a dual-mono design, and familiar controls are laid out on the top row - threshold, attack, release and ratio. Nothing to report. While not recommended to those that need a simple fix, we cannot think of a better mastering compressor plug-in or indeed for mix buss compression. Great compressor for stereo bus, MS comp and EQ!A great tool to have! This allows you to push the make up gain by several dB more with little change to the sound, until extreme settings make the distortion more apparent. CLA EchoSphere: Waves’ free Black Friday VST plugin is a slap delay and plate reverb from Chris Lord-Alge. WOW did i get more than i hoped for! What gives me hope that these guys have a shot at truly getting the analog feel of a software compressor is the fact that they started out with the hardware first. I just finished my review of the Alpha compressor. This is to allow some degree of tweaking between channels. BA1 1UA. The actual hardware goes for about $10,000 so few people will have the experience of actually using one, but this rendition of the Elysia Alpha Compressor VST gives you the experience for about 2.5% of the cost. The Alpha Compressor plug-in requires an iLok account and hardware dongle to activate it and run it in your DAW. Don't miss the latest deals, news, reviews, features and tutorials. Highly, highly recommended, tested for a short time so far, but heavily with synths, guitars, vocals (singing and a TV voice-over), bass and drums (gave very good results with electronic pop/IDM genres). We check over 130 million products every day for the best prices. Sounds smooth and up front! Pair it with Distressor, 1176 or anything else of your choice for chosen tracks/groups and you're more than fine. Who is the best acoustic guitarist of 2020? When we moved up to the Master version, we truly enjoyed the M+S option - we're familiar with M+S compressors, but the Alpha Master makes it an easy choice with plenty of give for even the most awkward settings. Elysia delivers astonishing sound quality and makes EVERY master better. TOLL. I was looking for a new all-round compressor for vocals -hoping to find something as natural and versatile as the LA3A, which i has been my go-to vocal comp for many years. THIS IS THE BEST GAIN STAGING PLUG IVE EVER USED AND IS THE MAIN REASON I CAN NOW CREATE DEMOS TO THE STANDARD NECCESARY.. Compresión precisa y transparente con una naturalidad increíble, el compressor definitivo para el mastering. Just like the hardware unit, two further options are available on the output of each channel. Powerful mastering-quality plug-in featuring some unusual and exciting functions. Discrete class-A circuitry, complete absence of integrated devices and unusual topologies are some of the common highlights for Elysia's hardware products. This plug-in is a real achievement for its raw musicality and sheer number of unusual but much-needed functions. Elysia is a young German company, made up of a partnership between a former SPL designer (responsible for the Transient Designer, among other projects) and a marketing guru, specialising in hi-end professional audio processors. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, Can distort, pay attention. Yes, and this is the case of elysia• alpha! It lets you keep your mixes really, really clean where needed. We started off using the Alpha Mix plug-in, as it's easier to get a sound using first the simplified version. I GOT THIS PLUG AFTER ALWAYS SEEING THE HARDWARE IN MASTERING STUDIOS. You can easily get SSL-style punch or extremely transparent compression. From light compression to flat limiting, it somehow always sounds natural and dynamic. The middle row hosts two by-passable sets of equalisation controls: a clever Niveau filter with positive/negative gain adjustment and frequency range (including a handy x10 button) and a filter for the compressor's sidechain - this latter one continuously adjustable into either a low-pass or a high-pass with variable attenuation. There was a problem. This thing is amazingly versatile and sounds unbelievably good. The Soft Clip control acts like a limiter but instead of squaring out the output in a brickwall fashion it introduces a subtle saturation that results more in a 'rounding-out' of the waveform. Can a workhorse be beautiful? This turns the Alpha Compressor into a much harder-sounding audio processor and yields surprising amounts of gain reduction and even negative ratios, and also influences attack values - a sort of 'overdrive' button when more extreme behaviour is needed. The Channel Link button gangs all mirrored controls on both left and right channel and also applies the resulting compression to both - this means that the channel with the loudest signal will impose its compression values to the other. The hardware Alpha Compressor fully embraces the company's esoteric beliefs and is intended for top-end mastering studios - its RRP price of over £8,500 clearly makes it a wild dream for most. Please refresh the page and try again. Three functions from the Master version are removed here - Niveau filter, Soft Clip and M+S Mode. @ProducerBenFord. There are two versions of the plug-in you can choose from: the Alpha Mix, available both in mono and stereo format, and the Alpha Master that is stereo only. Only registered users can write reviews. But it also works well on any other track. Pro stuff ITB! Pretty disappointed in UAD's lack of resolution to this issue after all of the money I've invested into using their hardware and software. After much research on the UA forums, i decided on the Elysia Alpha, which i had never used before. Both attack and release have a useful 'auto fast' option that tracks the dynamic content of the material - an attack set to 100ms will automatically dip to lower values for fast and loud transients and then return to nominal. Making really cool punchy drums and have amazing settings for others instruments and vocals! The MS Mode button turns the Alpha Master into a Middle+Side mastering plug-in. Subtle, for my opinion not that easy to adjust perfectly. England and Wales company registration number 2008885. Especially the Mono/Side mode makes sound your mixes 3D, they get depth and warmth, they start to live - this is definitively a higher level of listening for every track that ELYSIA is built with. An important option is the Feed Forward button, which radically changes the compressor's topology by moving the sidechain feed from before the compression stage to after. Great Fast Attack and Release options. Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? We also found it difficult to maintain a given balance between channels while in M+S Mode while trying to push level into the Soft Clip section with the Make Up gain - an auto-gain option for the clipper would be quite handy. Man this was one of the first plugs I demoed at a friends studio. Who is the best online guitar personality of 2020? In this mode, the link button is not effective on the Niveau filter, the mix and gain stage as well as the Warm button.

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