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The Jacob sheep is a fairly rare breed that can grow up to … German Mountain. That’s where I’ll end my agreement. It should be spun with a very light hand and slightly underspun but it makes a great wool for socks and children's things because it can go in the washing machine. In this picture you get a great view of his shiny black head with the characteristic roman ... Hampshire. Most times the British Hill Breeds are also included in the down category because of fleece similarities. There are many different types of sheep breeds available throughout the world. Because it is a short staple it should not be carded unless sent out to process and can be aligned with the drafting machine. Leicester I was lucky. Head is comparatively wide. A big, beautiful Suffolk at a breeding stock sale. As the fibers are spun they are stretched and smoothed as twist is added. Exmoor Horn. Finnsheep. They produce the heaviest fleece of any of the Down sheep breeds. Another spectacular thing about this category is the resistance to felting. Meat is very tasty. Babydoll fleece fineness can be all over the board but it has become known as cashmere grade meaning it can be as fine as 18 microns for that first clip especially. Hey-Great article! Dorset Down. As far as fineness of the fibers there is a pretty broad range here. Faeroes. This is due to the spiral type crimp and resilience of the resulting yarn. These large robust sheep are one of the most prolific sheep in Britain and are most superior in their breeding, milking… But like other Down breeds their fleece has been overlooked as a source of a natural superwash. Most of it collects around the neck from eating hay in winter. The upper range is about 24 microns and it is one of the finest of the Down breed fleece. The Oxford is the largest of the Down breeds and evolved in the 1800s when several breeders used Hampshire Down and Southdown ewes with Cotswold rams to produce a large sheep … Friesian Milk Sheep. Produce about 2-3 kg fur every year. The Texel is a strong hardy sheep with a sturdy robust build. Mmm gyros. All these breeds are not suitable for farming in all places around the world. I knew from the start how nifty they are. German Mutton Merino. Most times the British Hill Breeds are also included in the down category because of fleece similarities. This is a list of breeds of domestic sheep. That work is growing their lovely wool. If you find a fleece with a staple length greater than 3 inches then combing would be a great option. Ernst (eds. Now I will agree that, for those of us who are omnivores, well prepared lamb is very good…especially with a nice cucumber sauce on a pita. Katahdin sheep were developed in Maine, named after the state’s tallest peak. Hasht … Han. And the wonderful thing about the rams is they rule the barnyard and keep order. But the crimp makes it seem shorter than it is and if you spin from the locks it is quite easy to spin. It should actually be about 4 - 5 inches once it is opened but will often appear like 2 -3 inches. Great post! Most fall into the middle range of softness and so will be great for outerwear and blankets, but there are several which will produce very fine soft fleeces. It has become very common for certain sheep breeds which fall into the Down category to be referred to as meat sheep. Photograph by Flickr user nichole. Shropshire. So spinning it from the locks or using wool combs is the best way to prepare this fleece. The Oxford Down is an English breed of domestic sheep developed in the 1830s by crossing the Cotswold, Hampshire and South Down breeds, This breed is … With a capacity for fast growing and early maturity, it is an ideal crossing ram, producing light carcasses in early lambing flocks earlier than its contemporaries and catching the market whilst prices are good. Makes me want talk to the lamb farm near us and give some of their fleece a try. The sheep breeds are classified on different bases, the Indian breeds may be best classified on the basis of their degree of suitability for mutton or wool production as follows. Gotland Sheep. German Blackheaded Mutton. Otherwise home carders just make a lot of neps and noils. I hope there will be posts sharing experiences with raising other Down breeds. German Whiteheaded Mutton. Preparation of these fibers for spinning will depend on the fiber length. Purportedly they have the most flavorful meat of any breed and the are easily milked and used to make wonderful cheese. Most of the sheep breeds are named after their place of origin. Very interesting article. Dorper. You won’t be sorry. They gain sexual maturity earlier. Black Welsh Mountain. They have a black or brown face and legs covered in white wool, and have a short fleece. Drysdale E - G. Elliottdale. Fascinating. Oxford Down sheep are large animals with beautiful appearance. They are generally large bodied animals, and both rams and ewes are usually polled. 237–238 of N.G. Color of their mouth is slightly brown. I honestly feel a little bad saying that while looking at the adorable picture. Bred during the latter part of the 20th century, the Katahdin is a descendant of the St. Croix sheep and several other breeds, like the Suffolk. The wool from this class is generally lacking luster and the locks are not well defined. I had no idea about any of this. And we, as spinners, can help to start making the change. Fonthill Merino. When the skein is washed the and fibers try to spring back to their pre yarn state there will be shrinkage so sampling all the way through to the washing is very important to make sure you will have enough yardage for your project. The crimp is not as obvious as with of wool in other categories. It is a short staple and often gets thrown away because of this. Spinning is changing the way sheep are raised, isn't it? This article is temporarily unavailable, but this site has more content to browse through. Though there is plenty of crimp in each fiber it is spiral in nature.

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