commercial dome pizza oven

Commercial Pizza Ovens Models . Quaint Cafe? The wide mouth allows for a large peel. Electrical requirements: 120V / 60Hz Supply (for optional light and DCA); Maximum height from the ground to the base of the hood: 79”; Minimum overhang (front of hood to front of oven): 18”; Double-Walled Chimney extension into the hood on font vent ovens: 4” minimum; Hood extension behind the chimney: 12” minimum to 15” or 18” depending on the oven model (see diagrams for details); Center vent ovens connect a double-walled chimney flue to the center of the hood unit with a 90º elbow connector (provided by installer– custom fit to your configuration); Check with an experienced, professional HVAC installer to ensure that the make-up air (MUA) requirements are being met per local codes (MUA ensures enough fresh air is entering the building to make up for the air being exhausted). Opening or upgrading a commercial kitchen can be a massive undertaking. The Maine Wood Heat Le Panyol Wood fired oven is similar to a campfire in many ways. Master Chef at Home? Forno Bravo has partnered with Gaylord Industries to make our Type 1 Hoods. DCA equipment for the exhaust/supply fans complies with IMC 507.2.1.1. Shop for: Market Forge Commercial Steamers. ], Oven Location (check the one that applies) This hood is a valuable addition to the safety and comfort of your commercial kitchen. The standard for many pizzerias and mobile applications. By offering high-quality Type 1 Hoods specially tailored for our commercial pizza ovens, Forno Bravo helps simplify the startup process for restauranteurs with one-stop shopping and single-source financing. Check out our Residential Ovens ». Compact and an excellent choice to augment a hot line in any kitchen. The Maine Wood Heat Le Panyol Wood fired oven is similar to a campfire in many ways. While a bit more expensive than a simple direct vent (UL103HT system) or a grease duct system, this commercial oven hood accommodates the largest range of kitchen and building configurations and are by far the safest and most efficient exhaust systems of the three types. Professional bakers and cooks will find the benefits of using a Le Panyol invaluable, including: Inner Diameter: 70 7/8″ Authentic Wood Fired Ovens, T1F/T1C – Stainless Steel Type 1 Hood for Forno Bravo Front or Center Vent Commercial Ovens. Additionally, it complies with all requirements of NFPA-96, IMC, UMC, BOCA, and SBCI standards. Door Opening: 13 3/8″ x 25 3/13″ Technical Support and Repairs: By partnering with Gaylord Industries for our Type 1 Hoods, Forno Bravo can tap into their large network of expert professionals — including more than 150 factory-trained sales representatives and 125+ certified service agencies to help us stand behind our product, assisting our customers with responsive, relevant, and accurate information every time. The oven itself is a masterpiece and wonderful to cook with. Preferred by local fire marshals and permitting offices, they are the easiest to get approved. The Forno Bravo Type 1 Hood from Gaylord Industries offers a robust, cost-effective solution ideal for light to medium duty applications. This Type 1 Hood is sized to accommodate all Forno Bravo commercial pizza ovens; Two styles are available: Center Vent (Napoli) and Front Vent (all other oven models); Low air volumes and quiet operation for the light- to medium-duty venting required by pizza ovens. The Le Panyol 120 is our 4ft (inside diameter) model, a versatile professional grade wood fired oven that excels in smaller commercial spaces — the tool of the trade for chefs, pizzaiolo and artisan bakers alike, including: Inner Diameter: 47 1/4″ The globes are made of clear, thermal and shock-resistant tempered glass. Demand Control Autostart (DCA): This convenient, optional feature reduces kitchen utility and operational costs; conserving energy through the reduction of exhaust and makeup air for the commercial kitchen ventilation system. ---BigelowCylinderDomeCamelotOctagonCustom, Oven Model of Interest Gaylord has been a leading manufacturer of kitchen ventilation systems for over 75 years. Their commercial oven hoods and ventilation products are known in the industry for durability, dependability, innovation, and meticulous attention to detail.

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