architectural drawing numbering standards

2. o CAD Standards o CAD Drawings o CAD Software o CAD Staff o CAD Procedures CAD Drawings/data ... to the drawing number. The first letter of a sheet number indicates the discipline name. Aided Drafting (CAD) Standards are an integral component in the overall use and reuse of CAD files. The SDMA drawing number looks like this: ... Types of Architectural Drawings. Still another group argues that the entire set should … 1 . The last 3 digits of the code should be given as per this table: Drawing Type. For example, AI refers architectural interior drawings. I'm partial to this: A0.0 Cover A1.0 Floor plans etc. Another group argues that a rev is universal across a drawing set, but only affected drawings are marked with the revision. The sheet number should appear in the lower left corner of the drawing. This would be the first architectural drawing sheet, usually the site plan or the basement floor plan. There are basically 4 types of Architectural Drawings: Site Plans, GA Drawings, Interior Construction Drawings, and Detail Drawings. Notice that “I” replaces the dash placeholder. Sign up to our newsletter for the latest news, views and product information. Thus AI102.dwg is the second drawing of the architectural interiors plan. 001. Master Drawings The drawing numbering system for Master Drawings will adopt the following convention:- There are three fields, as follows:- Field No. Architectural and building drawings — Vocabulary. My design group is in the midst of a debate regarding drawing revision standards. I think the AIA has some guidelines but when I went to look for them I couldn't find anything I liked. Sheets should be numbered consecutively within a series from 01 to 99. This field comprises five characters identifying the site location and building. rev 1 on one drawing may be different than rev 1 on another). For more complex projects, two letters are used for the agent responsible. The first character … Some argue that each sheet has an independent revision record (i.e. Thus, a typical drawing sheet number would look like this: A101. A architectural s structural l landscape w – civil works c – civil b – geotechnical v – survey mapping h – hazardous materials g general cover sheet standard sheet identification standard sheet identification sheet number multiple views – the cee perspective " 5 b 5 a 1 2 3456 7 98 a b d c b 5 5 d a 5 5 c 14" x 20" exterior. Master Plan Drawings. Contact. In summary A-102.dwg is the second (02) drawing (dwg) of the architectural (A) plan (1). Keep up to date with ISO. Efficiencies occur to both RPD and future Consultant work when these standards are adhered to and are in the best interest and benefit of all parties to comply with these standards. Drawing Number (Start with this number and keep adding) 1.

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