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It is directly descended from a breed of English landrace goat which no longer exists in its native England. Goats at Livestock Of America - Goat ranches, Goats for sale, Goat studs, and Goat information. We are now raising Mule Deer at our new ranch in Kansas. (Can you believe we are talking 1990's ) ! Joined Dec 13, 2009 Messages 441 Reaction score 5 Points 86 Location Southern Maine. bob . From time to time we will offer surplus males and female for sale. Apr 15, 2012 #10 stano40 Overrun with beasties. I learned late this evening from the "Arapawa Goat Breeders" association that his parents were bought by an AGB member to protect them from being lost. We have the following animals for sale: European Bison We are also taking deposits for Transcaspain Urials, European Bison, Nubian Ibex, Persian Ibex, Red Sheep and Bighorn Hybrids babies. San Clemente Goats Goats for Sale more kids.. San Clemente Island Goats. Arapawa Goats in the USA By Al Caldwell. Arapawa Sheep. He left the goats behind as a source of meat and milk in case he or any other settlers visited the island again. Are King's parents still for sale? 1; 2; Next. The Arapawa Goat is a breed of feral goat descended from Old English milch goats released on Arapawa Island off the coast of New Zealand. This is a fascinating and beautiful breed of feral sheep of true kiwi heritage. In addition, we also have wonderful pet Holland Lop bunnies for sale . Hunts will be available next Fall. Livestock Of America is the place to buy Goats online from Goat ranches across USA. Goats from Betty Rowe's Sanctuary on Arapawa Island were imported into the United States in 1993 by Plimoth Plantation, a living museum of colonial life in North America in 1627 located in southeastern Massachusetts. ... (see more at: A few fortunate goats were then re-homed in conservation herds and spread here and there across the country with very little chance to propagate or recover at all from our governments actions. Their story dates back to 1773, when Captain Cook sailed to the island of Arapawa, just off the coast of New Zealand, with 2 Old English Milk goats. The breed of Arapawa goat is extremely rare, perhaps one of the rarest in the world. The Arapawa Goat is one of the rarest goat breeds in the world and is critically close to extinction. Mack Brin Farms is one of New York's only conservation breeders of the critically endangered San Clemente Island Goats. We sell both goat kids and starter herds to families and schools that are wanting to help bring this magnificent breed back from the edge of extinction.

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