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They indicate that business takes to care for society. Rebelle OM is a kind of a company where a butterfly was an awesome choice to make. When you’re fed up with your work, get irritated with your relationships, and are mad at the whole world, there seems to be no one and nothing that can raise your mood. This is what happened to the company called Tortoise & Crane. Elena Harris, an editor of SpiritAnimal, speaks of a wolf as of one of the strongest gestalt types. Simple bird logos not depict that we are here to compete or surpass each other. If your company is all about a rapid development, a horse on your logo design would be a symbol of this progress. They make customers relate themselves in more proper way. The reason is that Eagle has got so many positive traits that reflect aggression but in a fearful manner. Looking at this logo, you get inspired with joy and merriment, no matter what mood you are in. This is so interesting. Butterfly logos may give a sense that we are here to survive by letting others benefit from the opportunities. It is here to fulfill the needs. Sep 16, 2013 - Explore Julius Cruickshank's board "Dog logos", followed by 204 people on Pinterest. They simply exhibit peace and existence for survival. Using a combination of text and images, a butterfly makes your brand awareness fly. Above all, butterfly logos are also a way to produce a sense of friendship and strong relation between business and customers. Businesses can use a simply flying eagle, to elaborate the idea of their courage, bravery and ability to rule with strong traits. BrandCrowd is a cutting edge online logo making tool where you can access thousands of templates to create animal logos or any other logos you need to design. One can say that a bird logo is something more neutral. You'll also have the ability to choose your animal creation or use one of the customizable templates crowdsourced from designers worldwide to give you endless possibilities. That’s why, if you do choose a lion as a central character of your company’s logo design, it will add some royalty and strength to your business conception. Lion is the king of the jungle. As it turned out, logo designs that use beavers always look much more entertaining and friendly. This is one more example of a logo design that uses just two colors and pure figures. Two species of animals distinctly different from each other seem to be quite risky characters to be placed on a logo design. In this way, your business would leave an impact that you have to offer something more unique which has the power to change the world. Do you remember The Angry Beavers, a TV-show that was on the air in the 90s? Your brand can glitter with nobility and generosity if you choose a proper animal logo design. Animal logos aren’t specifically used in animal-centric causes, like preservation and conservation organizations. Such logos are a sign of peace. In fact, they are an example of live and let others live. If you want your logo to reflect the same qualities, think of placing a horse on your design. One more example of the way horses can be used on a logo design, reflecting speed and competition. The more creative you go with your letters, the better your logo design will turn out to be. The reason, why sporting teams keep the name of such animals, is quite obvious; they just want to reflect certain traits in their teams. Lion is the king of the jungle. Butterflies represent so much, they usually stand for colors, versatility, and independence and much more. If you need help coming up with ideas, a logo design contest is a great way to have a whole lot of unique logo … Butterfly logos are again more common. Our pets influence us the way no one else can. Check out GraphicSprings' wide range of free pet and animal designs. Pet Longevity is aimed at keeping our pets happy and healthy. For animals or other logos you create? See more ideas about dog logo, logos, logo design. If you are looking to create an animal based logo, this roundup will help you. They have always been popular but in the upcoming year, they seem to be on a dream run. It attract attention but at the same time makes the name of the company even more visible. In case, of Eagle there is no need to take help from such additional graphics. There is no doubt that merely name of an animal is enough to create an impact. They prevented this logo design from being too heavy, having turned it in a playful element of a marketing strategy. We make it simple for everyone to make a logo for their business. Except for your favourite pet, of course. When it comes to utilization of lion for creating an impactful animal logo, then a business is meant to give multiple messages. Mana Meals shows that cats and dogs can successfully coexist in harmony. Take a look at the Wattleglen Animal Hospital design and you’ll see it on your own. For Pet Longevity, outlines were quite a great decision. Companies which deal with products and services related to communication prefer the use of such logos. Animal logo designs are turning in a huge logo design trend for 2018. Keep in Mind:  Make sure choose the right animal for your business logo. That’s why it’s only logical that those pets placed on this design should look cheerful and scintillate with health. is a leading free logo maker platform with thousands of users worldwide. Monkey Tree Microbrewery used several monkeys to make their logo 6 times more playful. Play around with ideas for your animal logo. Various businesses use eagle logo, bird logo, butterfly logo, horse logo and many other such animals to tell what they are. For example, a manticore used to decorate a logo for Lionsmark Investment Group matches the general pattern of a great animal logo design. However, that doesn’t make this design any worse. Such logos don’t represent aggression, dominance or any such trait. That’s why placing a pet on a logo design makes this very logo design appealing to your clients by default. Last Updated on April 24, 2020. Animal logo ideas: Lion Logo. The very look of this lion makes you understand who the king really is. It is common among titans of industry to represent their corporate stance and ideas by an animal. This very logo design doesn’t let you forget that a creative typography is becoming one of the loudest trends for 2018. Thus, picking a deer to represent your company seems to be a gorgeous idea, especially taking into account the fact that this very animal stands for the qualities mentioned above. Not all the logo designs that use bulls look frightening and serious. They also give a perception that by no means, any business intends to leave a negative impact. 9. The horse logo design created for KoolEquine seems to be surpassing everything and everyone. The selection may depend upon following two factors. Most of the times, animal logos have to be complimented by certain fonts and other designs as well. At the same time, the colors gray and blue stand for nobility and aristocracy. Especially if designers succeed in making this animal look so cool. This logo is designed for a portal of cute animals photos.

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