animal crossing characters ranked

Roald is an Animal Crossing character who has recently grown in popularity due to some memes. Here's our top 10. Deer in the game tend to be super cute and agreeable, and Fauna is probably the most popular. Source: twitter. Fauna. Players can construct the location by spending 8,000 bells at the Able Sisters', and if doing so means you get to interact with the cool, laid back shoe-shiner some more, we think it's a good idea. Animal Crossing games may be all about creating your own private paradise (and decorating it with beautiful paintings), but everyone knows the real fun comes from interacting with all the colorful characters.In New Horizons, all of your favorite villagers are back and louder than ever.While some are set on hanging around the island, others are just passing by. No idea why, but she trades for millions of bells among players who trade villagers over reddit and Dischord. Here are the top 10 Animal Crossing villagers ranked in descending order. Possibly one of the only likeable jocks, Roald is super into … The Animal Crossing series is full of so many unique and interesting characters that you get to know throughout the game. RELATED: Animal Crossing: The 10 Best Villagers Ever, Ranked In New Leaf , Kicks upgrades from working on some doorsteps to owning his own store.

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