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Full-Time Mom ‘Cracks The Facebook Code’ To FREE Viral Traffic And Makes $685 in 4 days!

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Wouldn't You like to
Turn Simple Facebook Posts Like These:

Into Daily Affiliate Income Like This…

Whilst Your Inbox Gets Inundated with

Paypal Notification Like this…

And Yes We Made $685 With This EXACT Method
In Just 4 Days…

And Look How Much We’ve Made
From Just a Few of our Previous Posts…

I’ll be the first to tell you that being able to get FREE viral traffic in minutes and turn it into money in my pocket has been life-changing.

The best part about this is…

I’m able to make more than enough money working about an hour each day…

This method is simple and actually newbie-friendly (you don’t need any special skills to do this)

I’ve cracked the formula for going viral and getting FREE traffic, which means even more money in my pocket and less time working

I get paid while I’m out and about with my kids and even while I sleep because once you turn this on… the money just keeps coming

This is DIFFERENT than pretty much every other Facebook method you’ve seen before!

Hi there…Ivana Here

Aproximately 9 months ago, I had figured out how to go viral like clockwork on Facebook…

...and I can get a lot of FREE traffic and making thousand of dollars per week with this FREE traffic…So I shared this strategy with few of my Internet Marketing friends...

...They Didn’t Seem As Excited As I
Thought They Would Be…

At first I was a little surprised, but then I started thinking about it…

...and I get it why they weren’t jumping out of their chairs...

It’s because…

There are a lot of Facebook traffic methods out there.

You’ve probably seen more than one in the past couple of days...

In fact, if you opened up your inbox right now and looked at everything related to Facebook traffic over the past month, you’d likely see several training courses and software tools all talking about how to get traffic and make money with Facebook.

Unfortunately, most of them teach the same old traffic methods over and over again…

Usually they involve spamming your Facebook newsfeed with no rhyme or reason with offer after offer or spending money on ads that end up costing a small fortune...

Sure, maybe you’ll make a sale or two that way, but it’s NOT scalable and doesn’t generate a long-term, consistent online income…

Then I Showed Them I Was Able To Get
Posts To Go Viral Over And Over Again…
And They Started To Get Excited...

Few of them said...Great...BUT what about the Money?

So I Showed Him The MONAAAY!!!

I've Asked Two of My Friends - to try it out
And Got Similar Results…

I knew I was onto
Something BIG Here…

Just to PROVE how simple this method is…

We asked some some REAL LIFE newbies to take a look at it…

After a few days...Here is what they had to say:

Tatiana Di Maio

"Lately I´ve been seeing Ivana post these cool engaging posts on FB and they got my attention. They are showing up all over the place. Plus she shared these powerful results. I was wondering how she was doing that, and after going through her new course ViralFBCommissions it all made sense to me... The best part…it´s not difficult at all!

She is showing a step by step system (backed up with real case studies), very newbie friendly, that won´t take a lot of time to implement, and will bring good results in a short amount of time. Thanks Ivana for providing all of this valuable information, I highly recommend your training!"

 Adrian Stanway

"Going through your training again, Wow your advice is simple, yet sooooo incredibly amazing, once I've absorbed everything, I'm implementing thank you Ivana"

Weston Brown

"Ivana is a great teacher and I can tell she genuinely cares about her students. She's helped me before too. I think her course Viral FB Commissions is a very thorough training on how to monetize your FB audience.

Facebook has gotten super strict with free advertising, so it's important to take daily consistent action to see results. If you follow her strategies and keep at it, they will work for you."

Sam Walker

"Recently I had a pleasure to test out one of Ivana’s products and it delivered real results. So when I saw she was working on launching Viral FB Commissions, I asked her for a review copy!

For those of you who do not know of her or never heard of her up until now, all her products are COMPLETE and CONCISE and provides you with everything you need in order to make the best of the strategy she teaches.

In a nutshell she shows you how to use her special VIRAL formula that just works! This method will get you traffic on demand for years to come.

As always with Ivana’s products no stone is left unturned. You get Step by Step PDF Guide numbering some 80 pages and this is then backed up by accompanying videos which cover all areas. The ones I particularly like are the Case Studies and INSIDER Strategies.

So what do I think using the strap line of a very famous brand………”Just Buy It” you will not be disappointed."

If You’re Tired Of Struggling And Want To Discover A
Simple Method That Will Get You Traffic And Make
You Thousands Of Dollars Per Week…

Viral FB Commissions

Viral FB Commissions

Inside, You Get Everything You Need To Get Tons Of
Traffic And Make Money Fast…

Step-By-Step Viral FB Commissions Guide

Inside this 77 page guide, you’ll get a simple, step-by-step plan for success.

We’ll take you by the hand and show you…

EXACTLY how this works

How to quickly get everything setup today and start getting viral traffic today

The simple way to turn that traffic into a money-making list AND instant commissions

How to scale things up working just an hour a day

No stones are left unturned, and you get EVERYTHING you need to start making money right away.

Step-By-Step Video Training

Some people are able to learn better and get faster results with video training...

...that’s why we’re including easy-to-follow video modules that go hand-in-hand with everything you’ll learn in the main guide.

This makes it even easier for you to get going with the Viral FB Commissions method today… and make money by tomorrow!

3 Real Life Case Studies Of
Actual Campaigns

It’s always easier to copy what someone else is already doing to get results than to try to re-created the wheel.

That’s why we’re including 3 case studies that go through real life campaigns from beginning to end

You get to see what we posted

How we were able to get traffic

The actual posts that went viral

And how much money we made each time

This makes it easy to “copy and paste” your way to money in your pocket!

Inside of the Viral FB Commissions You'll Discover!

Why this method is different than everything else you’ve seen about getting traffic with Facebook and turning it into profits…

How to get setup in two hours or less, have traffic flowing TODAY, and wake up to money in your PayPal account tomorrow!

How to get all the FREE, targeted traffic you need in just an hour per dayWe give you a COMPLETE step-by-step viral traffic blueprint inside that will give you all the traffic you ever need… And don’t worry… we’ll teach you how to do it without ever spamming your friends and family members on your personal profile!

The 4-step method for cracking Facebook’s “engagement algorithm” so your posts actually get seen… almost everyone does this wrong, and they’re missing out on a lot of FREE traffic!

The little-known trick that no-one is talking about that has our Facebook posts going viral… And not just every now and then… We’re going viral over and over again using this trick… It’s not luck when you know the formula to success… and we’ll show you how to do it inside!

How to siphon hot traffic from Facebook and quickly turn that traffic into a hot list of people excited to spend money...

The simple formula we use day after day to create $100 - $500+ daily pay days… Inside, we’ll show you how to sell without selling… When you know this, you can easily profit just like the “big guys” even if you’re a total newbie with no following or reputation online right now…

We’ll also show you how to work less and scale things up quickly so you can make even more money without spending more time each day… When you use this simple scaling method, you can take this to six figures and beyond extremely quickly

Plus, many more insider secrets that will get you FREE traffic and put money in your pocket

This is the most newbie-friendly method you’ve ever seen for getting free traffic with Facebook and turning that traffic into piles of cash… anytime you want…

But don’t just listen to us…

Look What Real People Are Saying About
Viral FB Commissions…

George Nieves

"There are a ton of courses out there about Facebook. Some are good, others are pure garbage. Viral FB Commissions falls into the "GEM" category. This course simply rocks.

Viral FB Commission explains in detail how to turn free Facebook traffic into sales, how to build a huge following so you can rack up the profits, and how to create an email list of raving fans.

This sets you up as a Facebook expert in record time. Pick up Viral FB Madness today and add it to your marketing arsenal. This is a total no-brainer. Two thumbs up."

 Bart Deblock

"This product is so SIMPLE yet POWERFUL! Not only can everybody do it without any prior experience, but also and MOST important this will lead to an extra online income (or full time income)  if you follow the step explained is this course. Act and you will succeed. "

Abhi Dwivedi

"Not always you find a good product that actually really delivers. I do recommend ViralFBCommissions training."

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This is the most complete course you’ve seen about getting free viral traffic with Facebook and turning into money in your pocket.

The methods you’ll learn inside are…

Newbie-friendly - Anyone
can do this!

Fast - Start getting
results today!

Profitable - This will make you a lot of money!

Although we initially plan to turn this into a small group training course and charge $497 (or more) for access…

...we’ve decided to slash the price for a limited time and make this affordable for ANYONE…

When you get Viral FB Madness right now, you’ll get instant access for a one-time investment of just…

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Viral FB Commissions

And to make it really easy to get this right now...

We’ll Give You These Money-Making
Bonuses For FREE When You Get
  Viral FB Commissions Right Now…  

The Viral FB Commissions No Risk,
14 Day Guarantee…

We don’t want anything to hold you back from getting Viral FB Commissions right now.

That’s why we’re going to completely remove the risk and make this a total no-brainer.

Here’s the deal…

Get your hands on Viral FB Commissions right now at a discount

And start making money

Use the step-by-step training to start getting free, viral traffic

If you apply what we teach inside the training and you can’t make more than your investment back, just reach out to our support team with proof that you applied the training within 14 days of purchase, and we will issue a full refund.

With a guarantee like this, you can get Viral FB Commissions today with the confidence that we stand behind this training and we’re willing to put our money where our mouth is…

This works!

Would Making $685 In 4 Days Consistently 
Improve Your Life?

For most people, the answer to that question is a BIG “yes…”

And imagine being able to make money like that day after day… week after week…

Even newbies are making money with this because...

Viral FB Madness gives you a COMPLETE business plan to success…

Nothing is left out

It’s proven to work… even for newbies

And you get everything you need to get traffic today and make money by tomorrow!

Let’s Recap Of Everything You Get With
Viral FB Commissions Today...

The simple way to turn that traffic into a money-making list AND instant commissions

Value = $197

Easy-To-Follow Video Training

Value =  $297

3 Real Life Case Studies

Value =  $997

Bonus #1 - How To Turn Simple Facebook Fan Posts Into Viral Cash

Value =  $97

Bonus #2 - How To Tap Into Established Facebook Groups For Massive Viral Traffic Overnight

Value =  $197

Bonus #3 - How To Drive Up To 50,000+ FREE Visitors By Leveraging Other People’s Content

Value =  $497

Total Real World Value Of All Of This =  $2,282

 Get EVERYTHING Right Now For Just… 

Viral FB Commissions

Frequently Asked Questions
About Viral FB Commissions

What is Viral FB Commissions?

This is a brand new method for getting your posts on Facebook to go viral and make you a lot of money.

Everything is revealed inside, and you can start getting results extremely quickly.

This is like NOTHING you’ve seen before…

Is this newbie friendly?

Yes, 100%. If a full-time mom with two very active kids can do this in an hour per day, anyone can!

What’s different about this? Aren’t there a lot of courses focused on Facebook?

This is NOT about the same old rehashed Facebook traffic methods you’ve seen before. It’s much different, it doesn’t require you to spam your personal Facebook newsfeed and hope you get sales, and it’s PROVEN to work.

Do I need to invest any money to “kickstart” the traffic or is it really FREE?

Nope. This is all about 100% FREE viral traffic!

Is this just a traffic course?

No, it’s MUCH more than that.

We’ll show you how to get FREE viral traffic flowing fast and quickly turn that traffic into money in your pocket. Multiple methods for making money are included inside.

What’s included with Viral FB Commissions?

You get access to a complete training guide packed with 77 pages of easy-to-follow steps to success and illustrations of everything.

Plus, we’re including 3 real life case studies that show you EXACTLY how we’re able to get traffic and make money with this method.

How much money can I make with this?

As you can see from the proof, make $1,000+ per week with this is VERY possible, and it doesn’t take much time.

But that’s really just the beginning. Inside, we’ll show you how to build a list with this method WHILE you’re making money. Over time, you’ll be able to use that list to make even more money.

It’s very possible to create a SIX FIGURE online income with this method.

How long does it take for the money to start flowing?

Fast! You can have traffic flowing today and make money as soon as tomorrow.

Is there a guarantee?

Of course. You get a full 14 days to make sure this is for you.

Does this work on fan pages too?

Yes it does, you just need to use the method with a slight change of angle. All explained in the bonus material!

How do I get started with Viral FB Commissions right now?

Get Instant Access To Viral FB Commissions By
Clicking The Button Below Now…

Viral FB Commissions

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